Best Data Recovery Software for Laptop

A laptop is a type of computer that can be used as per our requirement. Laptops are commonly used for different purpose, including at work, in education and for personal multimedia usage. They provide some benefits like efficient note taking for students, facilitates group work, accessibility and connectivity.

Every day you are saving some crucial data in your computer. What happens when you lose some important data from your laptop? It may be your office documents, your favourite music files collection, it may be some important photos, etc. You can’t even think about that right! Now, if you have a question, is it possible for me to recover these deleted or lost files from my laptop? Then the answer is yes, it is possible for you to recover deleted or lost data from your laptop by using a reliable laptop recovery tool that can recover all deleted or lost data / files from your laptop.

What is data loss?

Data loss is an error condition in which information may be destroyed by some neglect or failure in storage, processing, transmission. Let us go through some data loss scenarios which may happen on your laptop.

There are several reasons behind loss of data from your laptop. The most common reason behind data loss from laptop hard drive is due to file system corruption. What does the file system does? A file system is a way of organizing the data as hierarchical nature of directories and fact that data elements and directories have names. What happens when a file system gets corrupted? If a file system gets corrupted then the pointers stored in the file allocation table on the storage devices cannot be accessed. Without the pointers, a file system can’t open a file.

Besides file system corruption, data from laptop can get missing or lost due to accidental deletion. Accidental deletion usually happen on laptop hard drive due to users own negligence, i.e. we may select some of the important files while deleting useless files. We may end up deleting files by usage of different methods such as applying Shift Delete combination key, deleting from command prompt, deleting files from Recycle Bin, deletion by third party software, etc. There are different other reasons for loss of files from laptop hard drive such as bad sectors, virus effect, power interruption, accidental formatting, etc.

Laptop Data Recovery tool is used to recover deleted or lost data from your laptop. When you delete data from your laptop, the pointer in the file system is removed and data remains at the allocated space in the disk. Special programs and built in algorithms are used by this application to recover data from laptop. With the help of these algorithms, this software will search sector by sector in your disk and recover deleted or lost files from your laptop.

Features of Laptop Data Recovery tool

This software will scan and recover the data from the entire disk quickly. It can recover data from deleted, in accessible partitions, formatted drive even after re installing the operating system. This software can recover the data that may lose due to partition errors. This tool performs data recovery even when the hard disk drive is crashed or the system doesn’t start up.

It supports the recovery of data from different hard disk drive types such as IDE, SATA, and SCSI. This application will recover deleted or lost data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT, partitions. Besides helping you recover data from laptop hard drive it can also be used to restore data from XD, SD, MMC, flash memory cards, iPods, USB flash drives, FireWire Drives,. This software can recover more than 300 file types. You can even add or edit new signatures for some files which are not listed.

Recovered data are sorted under the basis of name of the file, extension, date created and size. You can create disk image files to bypass the bad sectors present in the hard drive and later with the help of these disk image files, you can recover lost data present in the bad sectors.“Save Recovery Session” feature helps you to avoid re scanning of your hard disk drive and you can resume the process anytime. Preview option helps you to preview the deleted or lost file which has been recovered by this software.

The recovered files and folders can be stored in a compressed zip archives, which helps you to save the disk space. Recovered data can be viewed on the basis of file extension using “File Type View” option and you can view the recovered files and folders in a hierarchical view using “Data View” option provided by this software.

Note: Don’t use the same location for storing the recovered data. Always save the recovered data to another drive.