Best Program for Recovery of Deleted FAT Partition

FAT is abbreviated as File Allocation Table. FAT is a cluster-based file system. It is still used by many of flash memory media storage devices like pen drive, thumb drive, memory card, memory stick, iPod, MP3 players and others. This FAT can support up to 2TB of memory and is universally supported by all operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac. All the data on a FAT system is indexed as a “directory entry”, and all the information is recorded on it, such as file name, file’s starting cluster and the size of the file, etc.

But unfortunately, sometimes you might have come across deletion issue with this FAT partition. If you have deleted FAT partition then it is not possible to get the files that are preserved on it. ┬áSome of you might be thinking that after deletion of FAT partition, it is lost forever. But the real fact is that when the FAT partition is deleted, only the “directory entry” of the file has been marked as deleted. Therefore if you want to restore deleted FAT partition then the only thing you must to do is find the “directory entry” of the deleted file, then you’ll get your deleted partition.

If you want to regain deleted FAT partition then rescue deleted is one of the stupendous solutions. By utilizing this highly preferred rescue deleted software, you can easily recover deleted FAT partition in few clicks. This utility is set up using robust features and recovery techniques that can easily restore deleted FAT partition without facing any difficulty.

Sometimes you might end up deleting entire FAT partition containing valuable files in some unfriendly circumstances. Now let us discuss some of the scenarios that tend to delete the FAT partition

  • While resizing hard drive partition, by mistake you may delete the FAT partition that has stored all your fundamental files.
  • Sometimes you could even reformat your FAT partition with a NTFS file system, this leads to deletion of valuable files from FAT partition.
  • Malware infection to a single file can assail the entire file system thus resulting in partition corruption. Because of this, you will have to delete your FAT partition to avoid further infection to other partitions.
  • Employing insecurthird-partyty program for repartition existing drive can also lead to deletion of FAT partition.
  • While reinstallation or up gradation of OS, you might delete FAT partition unintentionally.

Are you struck up with all these issues and thinking on how to restore deleted FAT partition? Rescue deleted toolkit offers you an ultimate answer on how to rescue deleted FAT partition in few minutes.

Some of the important attributes of rescue deleted tool

Rescue deleted has an ability to restore deleted partition data from corrupt or inaccessible partitions or Mac volumes that do not mount. Now it is possible to restore deleted FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS+, HFSX formatted partitions or drives with the support of this rescue partition tool. Easily restores deleted Mac volumes from iMac, Mac Book, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro etc. Therefore you can easily execute Mac HFS partition recovery process with the support of this rescue partition tool. It has an ability to restore files from SATA / SCSI / IDE / SSD hard drives, FireWire drives and USB external drives with utmost ease.