Easiest Way to Recover NTFS Partition

The hard drive of my personal computer has NTFS partitions, in which I had saved some important data. A few weeks back I suddenly lost those NTFS partitions from it, I don’t know how it happened, and what made it get lost. Just because of this awful error I lost entire data from my computer. But later after struggling a lot I got my data back, and you know I also recovered the lost partitions. If you also want to know how I did this miracle then just continue reading these below-mentioned details.

In order to get back lost or deleted NTFS partitions on Windows computer, a best NTFS recovery software is required. NTFS recovery software is nothing but a recovery tool that is specially designed to bring back lost or deleted NTFS partitions. With the help of this amazing NTFS recovery app, one can easily restore data as well as the whole NTFS partition.

Due to these below-mentioned reasons, NTFS partitions get lost from the hard drive of computer:

  • Virus attack: Windows-based computers are more prone for virus attack, harmful viruses easily infect the data stored in it, if they get into your computer they will damage the NTFS partition file system, and causes it to get corrupted, which finally results in loss of NTFS partitions.
  • Unintentionally deleting NTFS partitions: Sometimes unintentionally you may delete an important NTFS partition, after which the important data stored in that deleted NTFS partition gets lost. Hence you need to be very careful while deleting the partition from a hard drive.

If you have lost any of the NTFS partitions from your computer due to these above-mentioned reasons then don’t worry, just avail the help of NTFS recovery tool and get back lost NTFS partition in few minutes.

Following are the most important features of NTFS recovery tool:

  • It’s an effective NTFS partition recovery utility that assists you to get back lost or deleted NTFS partition from various types of hard disk including IDE, SATA, and SCSI etc.
  • It can easily support NTFS partition recovery on all new versions of Windows OS, for instance, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP etc.
  • By making use of this tool you could also bring back lost or deleted Mac Volumes easily.
  • It’s a graphical user interface NTFS recovery tool which you can be used by anyone without any type of technical assistance.
  • It’s the best tool using which you can recover RAW NTFS partitions easily.
  • This NTFS partition recovery software has been designed by highly expert software developers.
  • With the help of this software, you will be able to restore lost or deleted partitions from external hard disk.
  • This application has the ability to recover lost or deleted data from different types of storage devices such as CF cards, SD cards, Flash drives, FireWire drives etc. Apart from these, NTFS recovery tool includes a lot of other benefiting capabilities.

Try the demo version of above told recovery software if you feel it’s helpful to then purchase the licensed version of it.

NTFS partition recovery tool

NTFS is a file system used in Windows PC. This file system was developed by Microsoft Corporation. It was first developed for Windows NT, now it is been used in all the latest Windows operating system, the full form of NTFS is New Technology File System. The performance of this file system is considerably high; besides of this it has several other properties like self-healing, data integrity etc, it can facilitate you to encrypt your sensitive files and folders. Hence it is a reliable file system.

But at times it happens that you will lose this NTFS partition or data present in it or sometimes it happens that you will delete NTFS partition by mistake.

Assume that you have kept some important data into your NTFS partition, and by mistake deleted all the data present in it then definitely you have to confront severe data loss problem.

But now the trend has got changed and there is a recovery tool, which has the potential of recovering the NTFS partition without making you strive regarding it.

The NTFS partition recovery tool has a lot of benefiting features, by using which you can easily perform NTFS recovery. Before introducing the prominent features of NTFS recovery tool, let us begin with some reasons that influence loss NTFS partition out of Windows PC.

Scenarios of losing NTFS partition:

  • Repartitioning of NTFS partition: assume that you want to re-install the operating system on your computer, in order to re-install if you repartition the hard drive of your Windows PC then you will lose the partitions and data present in existing NTFS partition
  • Corruption of NTFS partition: in case if the NTFS partition gets corrupted then you will lose the access to the data present in your NTFS partition, there are many reasons for the NTFS partition to get corrupted among them virus infection, sudden booting of computer and presence of bad sectors on the hard drive are the main.

Whatever may be the reason you don’t have to panic at all because the NTFS partition recovery tool can easily get back your lost or deleted data from the partition of NTFS.

The outstanding features of NTFS partition recovery tool are mentioned below:

  • This recovery tool has the ability to restore lost or deleted data from NTFS partitions effectively
  • By using this NTFS recovery tool you can easily restore data that has been formatted from NTFS partition
  • More than 300 file types can be recovered by using this NTFS recovery tool
  • If you have reinstalled the operating system on your computer and while reinstalling if you have lost your vital data then use this recovery tool to get it back
  • With the help of this tool, you can recover lost or deleted media files from NTFS partition
  • The files which you have deleted by pressing shift+del can also be recovered by using this recovery tool

Follow these simple steps to recover your lost or deleted data from NTFS partition:

Download the free demo version of this NTFS recovery tool from our website=> install the same on your Windows PC => run the application=> follow the proper screen steps and perform recovery of the lost or deleted data from your NTFS partition => if you feel comfortable working with the software then purchase the licensed version of same application.

Simplest Way to Recover Lost Partition from External Hard Drive

Data which can be of any file type can be store on an external hard drive mainly because it gives unbeatable advantage of portability and data security. With ease portability you can connect it to your system or even to the tablet. Due to over flow of data your system performance comes down so the best available option for this is external hard drive where you can store files. External hard drive can be used to form logical partitions.

A partition is a section of a internal or external hard drives which are formed to improve the efficiency of the system. It can be very useful if the user wants to access multiple operating systems on single system. But only one operating system can be stored on a single partition. Partitions also make it easy to store and access data by storing particular files on a specific partition like OS, media files, documents and personal information can be stored on four different partitions.

However, a partition can also get corrupt as like your files. The lost or deleted partitions will be disappearing from the system and the corrupted partition will not provide access to the files in it. If you come across such issues then there will be a loss of vital data because of which you will be in trouble, so to overcome from such issues you need to use External Partition Recovery Software that help you to retrieve lost partitions without any difficulty.

Scenarios because of which you need to use External Partition Recovery Software

  • If user performs installation operation of multiple Operating Systems on a single system then it may end up with losing the partitions due to errors.
  • The file system of external hard drive can also be change to its higher version as per the convenience. So while changing file system the user may end up doing incorrect operation that results in loss of partition.
  • Partitions can be lost when you try to form a new partition by using some third party tool.
  • When any of the partition is lacking in space then the user can retrieve free space from other partition, sometimes this may cause loss of partition that you need to recover.
  • An abrupt shutdown of system can sometimes result in partition lost or inaccessibility of the partition due to which you cannot access any of your files saved on that particular partition.

Why to use External Partition Recovery software?

External Partition Recovery is an advanced tool which scans entire drive to identify and recover lost partitions. It supports to recover lost partition files of file type audio, video, photos, documents, etc. The recovered file can be view in hierarchical form using data type view and file type view. The recovered files from lost partition can be stored on any storage devices like pen drive, flash card, and many more. This application allows you to create disk images bypassing the bad sectors of your external HDD so that you will be able recover lost files with its help. It can also recover files from corrupted partition by performing corrupted partition recovery.

Best Tool Restore NTFS Partitions

New Technology File System is revolutionary file System that is preferred hard drive format with the Windows OS. Windows operating systems features a built-in hard drive management tool which can be used to resize your current NTFS partitions. The only condition will be that if you need to expand your NTFS partition, you’ll want unused space on your hard drive which is not already invested in a partition. Whatever your needs, you will use the Windows disk managing tool to quickly develop or reduce the size of your NTFS partitions. Have a question like how to restore NTFS partitions??? Get a reply and tech assist now!!!!

“How To Rescue” software is best recovery software for NTFS partition restoration. It is designed to restore your deleted or even lost partitions of NTFS hard drive. Dedicated to recovering facts from NTFS quantities, this tool is made for solving singled out cases and single occurrences with method disks and hard drives. It also offers trail version. You can use this trail version anytime freely. The tool has also got tech support. Feel free to contact them in case of any query related to tool.

Let us also go through the causes of data loss on NTFS Hard Disk Partitions

Bad Sectors on NTFS Hard Drive: Hard drives are hardware devices possessing divided areas to retail store data. If any particular market faces damage then the whole set of files which are stored with further areas of hard drives cannot end up being accessed make use of. Suppose, if any of file meant for booting the device resides with that bad sector your computer fails to initialize your booting and cause decrease in data in the system.

MBR Corruption: Master Boot Record (MBR) is a boot sector that’s used by BOIS on. If the MBR of a PC gets corrupt it won’t boot the device and results in data loss situation. The indications of MBR file corruption are OS prompting problem messages similar to “Missing Running System” or even ”Operating system won’t boot” while system is at active manner. The reasons behind MBR corruption could be an incorrect shutdown, malware assault or OS crash.

Unpredicted System Shutdown: Adaptation of abnormal method for termination of PC is the main reasons behind data loss from NTFS partitions. As soon as system turn downs unexpectedly, it might result in loosing files that were in lively state. This can occur due to a power surge or possibly a system stop.

“How To Rescue tool” is a perfectly good deal for difficult data reduction situations particularly taking place in NTFS partitions. You can utilize this software in all of the above cases.   Aside from the above talked about scenarios, sometimes it’s also possible to lose data because of unintentional removal of data, hard travel crash, power surge, NTFS record system file corruption, etc. Regardless, how you have lost data from NTFS partitions, you restore entire data with the help of How To Rescue tool. This software can gain access to data in the corrupted, hard to get at or unreadable partitions, very proficiently. You could possibly get this software for Windows as well as to save Mac files.

Influential App to Recover NTFS Partition Data

Computer uses files system to control stored data into most convenient way, which helps someone to access data easily and enhance the performance. NTFS is in lots of ways different from additional file system, introduced by Microsoft and it is the primary file system employed by all Windows OS for example Windows 7, Windows Vista, 8 and others. Using this file system, it is possible to store great deal of data and also helps you to access the kept data without experiencing any difficulties. Nevertheless, in some factors your NTFS drive may get corrupted caused by virus infection, unintentional format, file system corruption and many others. Have you ever accidentally formatted your hard disk partition? Are you worried about lost data from formatted partition? If your answer is yes, then throw your worries and utilize this highly qualified Windows Recovery Software.

Imaging, you have saved plenty of data into NTFS partition, if in case OS is not capable to access this NTFS drive as a result of bad sector generated about the HDD then this NTFS partition turn into inaccessible. As an end result you will drop all existing data stored inside it. Any how that ultimate software has chance to recover NTFS partition data lost as a result of any known or perhaps unknown reasons plus it will definitely show you to emerge from this situation. For more enquiries concerning the recovery of partition, hit for this page windowsrecoverysoftware.net/ntfs-partition-data.html

Sometimes, when you download any application or various other files from the web into the NTFS partition about the hard drive then you can find chance that this harmful program for example virus, Spyware, Trojan’s, etc. may get downloaded. This hazardous program will assail the file structure of NTFS data file system and corrupt it, which makes this stored data inside it inaccessible. It generates the large amount of data decline situation. Generally, user formats the drive to remove all stored data inside it. Imagine user desires to format D: \ pushes on Windows along with accidentally format this E: \ push. Accidentally formatting a bad partition on Home Windows machine may result to the vast volume of data loss. Assume, when you are transferring data from NTFS file to another external disk push, if you come across the state of affairs where your technique turns off, subsequently, it might change the structure involving NTFS file technique.


  • After losing data avoid using system HDD
  • Always take right backup of stored data inside the drive
  • Before reinstalling this OS or formatting the drive take proper backup

Expertise may be come across almost any above stated situation and lose data from the NTFS partition, then, this potent tool plays a task to recover facts from NTFS partition. The award earning application has capacity for Windows RAW partition recovery. Furthermore this utility can restore data from other partitions FAT32, FAT16, HFS, HFS+, etc. from other exterior storage media one example is external HDD (SCSI, ATA, IDE, SATA), memory (SD card, Mini SD, Mini SD, SDXC), USB drive, pen push, etc. It recovers over 300 different types of files with few mouse clicks.