How to Repair PowerPoint file 460066 errors

How to Repair PowerPoint file 460066 errors

Microsoft power point is one of the best presentation toolkit which is used for creating and delivering the presentation. PowerPoint presentations consist of individual pages or “slides”.  Slides may contain text, graphics, images, sound, movies, and other objects, which can be arranged freely. PowerPoint provides features that offer flexibility and the ability to create a professional presentation. So a lot of people uses power point, As the number of  people using power point are increasing there is also increase in issues regarding power point. Issues like File corruption occurs in power point without giving any warnings. Corrupting the files may lead to several hardships for the business people who depend on daily presentation.

One of the common errors faced while using power point is 460066. Lets take an example suppose you created a power point consisting of 50 slides. After getting some information you modify the slides. Situation like one day when you tried to open the power point it will show 460066 errors. This error is mainly due to corruption of the power point or any damage to power point. Viruses or malware attack on power point also leads to 460066 errors. So, how to fix Microsoft power point 460066 errors

Causes of Microsoft power point 460066 error     power point

  • Deleting files regarding power point installing tools
  • Virus or malwares attack on the system
  • windows OS is not genuine
  • corrupted software or incomplete installation
  • windows registry corruption while installing or uninstalling a new software
  • modifying or changing the extension of the file

There are many software present in online which can helps us to fix the problem in power point. Fix ppt is powerful tool for recovering and fixing the micro soft power point


Features of fix ppt tool

  • Fix ppt tool can repair ppt file and recover text, sound effects, images and hyperlinks.
  • It can read all power point files which are corrupted or damaged.
  • Its support both ppt and pptx files from any version of power point.
  • Fix power point works for every version of windows
  • Fix ppt has strong build in algorithms severely corrupt or damaged files. Fix ppt recovers all types of ppt files


How to use fix ppt tool

  • Download the software from the website by clicking download option
  • Install the software on your which file location you want to allocate
  • Run the app and click Browse to search ppt files from your system
  • Select the ppt file you want to repair and click on repair
  • There is a preview option at the end of scanning to show every recovered file.
  • If the result is satisfactory you can save or you can continue the scan



Damaged NTFS Partition Recovery Program

NTFS is one of the most enhanced version of FAT file system that has better support for metadata. This NTFS file system make use of advanced data structures to get better performance, disk space utilization, file system journaling and others. Because of these advantages, many of you make use of this NTFS partition to store all your precious files, pictures, videos, official documents and others. Even though this NTFS partition has many beneficial features, sometimes you end up with corruption issue of this NTFS partition due to some known or unknown reasons. No one is ready to face such instances as it has many important files. As a result of this it is mandatory to get more information on how to retrieve files from corrupted NTFS partition.

Important precautions to be followed

  • Never make use of NTFS partition from where the files are lost to prevent overwriting of lost data.
  • In hurry, do not shut down your system without making use of proper exit option.
  • Only make use of good third party tool to protect your PC from power spikes.

Is your NTFS partition got corrupted even after following such precautionary measures? Do you want to revive files from damaged NTFS partition? Don’t know which application must be preferred to regain access to corrupted NTFS drive? Well, there is no need to worry at all. Just be clam!! And prefer the reliable third party application named as photo recovery Android. This utility executes through scanning of the NTFS partition sector by sector and helps to revive the files that lie too deep. Photo recovery Android is one of the most recommended and highly reviewed software that successfully helps to retrieve files from damaged NTFS drive within a fraction of minutes.

Some of the factors that is responsible for the corruption of NTFS partition

  • Increase in number of bad sectors on the hard drive might corrupt the NTFS partition thereby inhibiting the access to the files causing loss of files saved on the partition.
  • If there is a presence of some harmful viruses on the hard drive then it generates invalid codes and commands into Master Boot Record of the system and runs every time when you boot the system. This might result in corruption of MBR thereby damaging the presented partitions resulting in inaccessibility of files stored on it.
  • NTFS partition gets corrupted due to the erroneous file system conversion process or wrong renaming.

Get all in one solution on recovery of files from damaged NTFS drive with the help of this reliable photo recovery Android software. Furthermore, other than NTFS partition it is possible to recover files from corrupted FAT, ExFAT, FAT16, FAT32, etc partition with the support of this photo recovery Android tool. You can also get back files from RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 corrupt partitions or formatted partitions in few minutes. Now it is very easy to carry out compressed files recovery from damaged NTFS drive in few clicks. If you have lost photos from dead Laptop then there is no need to worry at all. This is because this photo recovery Android tool successfully helps in recovery of photos from dead laptop in few minutes. Just have a look at this website- if you need to get complete details on how to retrieve photos from dead Laptop.

Complete Solution to Recover Damaged Partitions

Partitioning a hard drive means logically dividing it into two or more sections. Generally, these partitions are named as C, D, E, F etc. Always drive C is used store Operating System and other application. Remaining partitions are used to save valuable data. Because of disk partition it is possible to install dual Operating Systems on Computer. For example your system is installed with Windows Operating System and has two partitions such as C and D. if you want to install another OS like Ubuntu, then you have to divide existing D: Drive into two partitions to install that OS.

User may have different size and number of HDD partitions, which is depends on their requirements. These drives help to arrange data on hard disk drive effectively. In some scenario these disk partitions prone to corruption, due to HD malfunction or human mistakes. You may face HD drive damage due to virus or malware infection, Master Boot Record corruption, variations in BIOS settings, interruptions while converting file system such as improper system shutdown or power supply failure or OS crash, etc. Then there is no necessity to depress, if you unable to restore damaged or corrupted partitions. Because you have reliable Damaged Partition Recovery tool for this task.

Some other events which cause partition corruption:

  • If you trying to install dual operating systems or upgrading OS, then there is a possibility of partition damage. This is due to error or interruption or missing of some supporting files during installation process.
  • User has a choice to change file system of a partition as per their requirements. If you not follow proper steps during this process, it may end up with corrupted partition.
  • You can also repartition drives, during this process if you face any interruption like power surge or abnormal system shut down, then that partition becomes inaccessible due to corruption.
  • If your system infected severely by strong virus or malware, then you may observe blue screen dumpling and system halts abruptly. This results into inaccessibility of systems partitions.

 Follow some precautionary measures to avoid partition damage:

  • Avoid usage of unauthenticated third party tools to repartition the existing drives.
  • Use updated antivirus software to save system from virus or malware attack.
  • Make use of external power supply that is UPS connection during installation of dual OS, resizing the partition, converting file system, etc.
  • It is advised to maintain backup of essential data using external hard drives, to restore data when you face corrupted drives or missing files by accidental format.

This software has been designed with latest technology and modules, which supports to retrieve damaged or corrupted partitions or volumes on both Windows and Mac OS. It can restore more than 280 file types. Its advanced recovery engine made possible to rescue lost or deleted or missing partitions within few simple steps. It is developed to regain partition data from various storage devices such as hard disk, external USB hard drive, flash memory cards, Fire Wire devices, and so on.

If you find difficulty to recover missing partition on Personal Computer, this application becomes best solution to restore missing or deleted drives due to accidental deletion of partition or formatting unintended drive during repartition. This tool is flexible with all versions of Windows Operating System. This software rescue documents, images, music files and videos etc. This software is works well with Mac series of OS also. It provides chance to save all recovered data to CD / DVD or to any available drives of your Personal Computer. This software provides simple, friendly interface to user, thus no need to have any prior knowledge while operating this utility.

You have a facility to download demo version of Partition Recovery tool before buying it. This tool scans entire system drives or external HDD and provides preview of files stored on particular drive in few steps. Demo form has restricted functionality, thus it does not allow saving displayed files. By using demo version you can estimate the efficiency of the software. If you have damaged or corrupted partitions then own licensed version to retrieve them.