Simplest Way Recover Accidentally Removed NTFS Partition

NTFS stands for new technology file system. It is a journal file system developed by Microsoft Corporation for Windows operating system. NTFS file system comes after FAT file system. This file system has countless improvements over FAT file system like improved support for metadata, improved data structures, reliability and disk space utilization. The NTFS disk partitioning is suitable for making multiple partitions on system hard disk. Users can store important files like images, database tables, pictures, texts and labels. Even after having these many advanced features still data loss from an NTFS drive is common and can happen repeatedly, among Windows users.

Losing years of hard work by deleting an NTFS partition due to own mistake, leads to a big disappointment. Little mistake takes you away from important data. If that partition contains your family pictures and assorted music and videos can make you feel just like hell. In such situations, so many questions arise in users minds like is there any way to get that deleted partition back? Is recovery is possible?

To answer all these common queries I want to highlight on one fact, this will clear all your doubts. At the time you delete a partition from your computer, the OS only remove the pointer of the file of that partition files. This means that the deleted files are still present somewhere in the drive. You just lost the way to access those files. Using suitable recovery tool you can easily recover them back. For additional info click here

Before initiating data recovery process, have a look at situations due to which you may lose your NTFS partitions. Most of the time while using Windows Disk Management Utility user accidentally delete their existing partition. Sometimes, the user ends with formatting partitions when he tries to install or upgrade Windows operating system on his computer. Any interruption in creating new partitions from existing partition while installing operating system can lead to deletion of partition. These deleted NTFS partition can be recovered back if you use Windows partition recovery software.

Disk Management Utility facilitates users to resize hard drive partitions. Users can expand and shrink the existing partitions with this utility. Any interruption during resizing or merging hard drive partitions can result in partition deletion. In addition to this deletion of partition due to virus infection is another most common scenario faced by users. Generally, users delete or format NTFS partitions, it gets corrupt due to virus infection. These viruses corrupt the partition table and modify its content.

In case you come across with any of the above-discussed scenarios, without wasting more time immediately go for Windows partition recovery tool. This tool comes with special scanning algorithms, which retrieves videos, images, audios, word documents along with more than 300 popular file types from bad sectors of hard drive partitions. Even though there is numerous data recovery software’s present in a market, but Windows partition recovery tool is the most efficient one. Using this tool user can recover different files such as music and video files, images files, text documents, databases, emails and etc. This application can recover lost deleted files from NTFS file systems (NTFS4 & NTFS5) partitions. The supports all major versions of Window operating system such as Windows 2000, 98, XP, Vista, 7,8 and 10. Navigate to this website to know more

It is the finest tool to recover deleted NTFS partition on Windows-based PC. This application easily recovers files from an NTFS partition which was either deleted or formatted. It recovers files from all the different types of portable devices such as pen drives, thumb drives, memory cards, memory stick and etc. Its trial version is also there. So if you want to find out the probability of recovery then first trial version of this tool first. Software manual will narrate you in using the tool. If the output of trial version is as per your expectation then get the licensed version of this tool to save recovered partition data.