Effective Tool to Recover NTFS Partition

NTFS stands for new technology file system this has been first introduced by the Microsoft as its file system in all the major versions of Windows operating system, like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP even you can see this kind of file system in Windows server versions also. The NTFS file system has many striking features like high performance, RAID mechanism, maintain the log file to record the changes made to the partition and many more.

However because of many reasons often you will not be able to access the data from NTFS partition. If you are also encounter this kind of problem then no need of worry because now NTFS partition recovery is possible by making use of Recover Deleted Partition software. This software will help you out to recover NTFS partition data effectively without any kind of difficulties.

Reasons behind data loss from NTFS partition

Formatted partition:  If you have done formatting without taking the backup of data then which results in loss of huge amount of data. Once formatting has been carried out on your NTFS partition then it will not leave the hidden files also.

Virus Attack: It has been often noticed that due to severe virus attack your partition may become inaccessible. In this case there may be chance of data loss from your partition.

Drive Not Formatted Error Message:  Usually sometimes while accessing any data from NTFS partition then which will show the error message like “Drive not formatted, Do you want to format it?” in this case if you go for formatting then which results in data loss.

Features of Recover Deleted Partition software

  • This recovery tool has been recommended by the most of the industry professionals and it is error free tool which can be use for safe and secure recovery task.
  • Recover deleted partition software will have capability to recover data from RAW partition also.
  • This software has capacity to recover NTFS partition if that might be corrupted, lost, formatted partitions also.
  • This application can be easily install and run on all the major versions of Widows such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
  • It can also possible to run this software on Mac system and perform the partitioned volumes recovery.
  • The preview option can be used to examine the recovered data before going to purchase the full version of software.
  • User interface of this tool is very easy it will help any novice user to make partition recovery task easily.
  • By using this tool it can also possible to recover data from crashed external hard drive.

Precautions to avoid data loss from NTFS partition corruption

  • Always its better to keep backup of your system and latter choose for formatting the device.
  • Try to make use of updated antivirus program by making use of it you can protect your system from virus.
  • Avoid to responding quickly on error messages, confirm first then response the message.