How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Files on Windows and Mac

“Guys, have you ever come across the situation like accidental deletion of your important files? Let me explain my worst scenario. Last day, while deleting some junk and unwanted files from my Windows system I accidentally select some important office files along with unwanted one and hit delete key. From that instant I am desperately searching for a reliable recovery tool as I don’t want to lose my file. If you guys have any ideas about this then please suggest me.”

Undo deleteIf this is the scenario then don’t get panic nowadays accidental deletion is one of the most common human errors experiencing by all the users. Whatever might be the deletion scenario you can easily recover your deleted files with the help of Undo Delete software. To get more Info about how to recover accidentally deleted files you can visit this page:

Possible scenarios responsible for the deletion of files from both Windows and Mac:

  • Accidental Deletion: Most of the cases accidental deletion is the root cause for the deletion of files i.e. while deleting some unwanted files from the drive the user might select important files accidentally and hit delete operation.
  • Unintentional Format: Formatting in the sense wiping or removing of entire files and folders from the hard drive with single mouse click. Sometimes it is quite necessary to format the storage drive, if you unintentionally format it without taking backup then it results in the deletion of files.
  • File Transfer Interruption: Sometimes while moving the files from one system to another if any unwanted disruptions takes place like sudden system shutdown, abrupt ejection of external drive and so on. Then there may be chances of file deletion or loss.
  • Virus Attacks: Virus may enter into the system by downloading the infected files from the internet, sharing files from other systems and so on. Due to this the files stored on hard drive gets deleted.

Apart from above scenarios some other reasons like file system corruption, bad sectors, accidentally emptying the Trash folder and Recycle Bin, usage of unreliable third party tools, hardware issues and so on.

Eminent Features of Undo Delete Software:

This software performs file recovery very effectively on all the supported versions of Windows and Mac OS such as Windows 8, 7, Windows server 2003 & server 2008, Windows XP, Vista, and Mac related Mavericks, Lion, Leopard, and Snow Leopard and so on. It is used for recovering various files such as pictures, music files, video files, spreadsheets, applications, Excel, Word and PPT file, RAW files, Zip files and so on. This award winning tool is also used to retrieve deleted data from various different storage drives like pen drives, USB flash drives, external hard drives, SD cards, memory cards, and FireWire drives so on.