Is it possible to recover files from Mac hard drive?

The answer to this question is definitely YES! Because, whenever you delete any file from your system hard drive or format it, it doesn’t wipe your files permanently. Till the time the files are not overwritten by other files, it can be recovered back. At the time you clear you Macintosh HD or deleted any files from it, the file system of drive is replaced with a new empty file system. The entries of all the files and directories saved on the drive are removed. So, those files are still physically intact, and you can restore your lost/deleted files from Mac machine before they are overwritten by new files.

Now the question arises how to recover files from hard disk on Mac. There are two ways which help you in recovering your data back one is restore and another one is recover. In case, you have an updated backed up your Mac hard drive files, then you can easily restore your important files by referring the backup. If you forget to create a backup or don’t have updated backup, then you need drive recovery software.  Drive recovery software for Mac enables you to perform Mac recovery. This tool recovers data without bothering about the cause of the data loss, no matter whether you have formatted your drive or lose your vital data due to accidental deletion.

Reasons for data loss on Mac Machine

  • Formatting Drives:  Sometimes users accidentally format their Mac storage devices such as hard disk, external storage devices or your memory card without taking any suitable backup which finally results in file loss.
  • Human Faults: It is one of the most common scenarios for data loss on Mac. Sometime in hurry users accidentally delete their important file, while deleting an unwanted one and lose their vital data.
  • Corrupt File System: File system corruption due to virus infection, leads to inaccessibility of the hard drive and which in turn leads to data loss on your Mac machine.
  • Catalog File Corruption: Catalog files are of great importance on Mac machine. These file are stores all the information about file hierarchy on Mac volume. Any kind of corruption to this file leads to file loss.
  • Volume Header Corruption: Volume header stores the starting sector address and Mac volumes information such as size of volume, file system type and many more. In case the volume header gets corrupt the entire volume becomes unreadable and your files stored on that particular volumes are lost
  • File Transfer Error: If the file transferring process from external devices to Mac PC or form Mac PC to external drive such as digital camera, USB flash drive, memory card, and removable disk get interrupted in-between, then also there is possibility of losing files.

To handle above defined issues you need drive recovery software. It is the best tool to perform file recovery on Mac drives. This tool will help you in recovering lost / deleted files from all famous brands of hard drive such as Hitachi, WD hard drive, Seagate, Buffalo, Toshiba etc. Its Windows version is also available which supports all major versions of Windows such as Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2007 and Windows 2008. It scans the drive and restores lost/deleted files from corrupted HFS, HFS+ and HFSX file systems. You can also use this utility to recover lost files from removable drive such as external hard drives, thumb drives, iPods, memory cards, pen drives etc.

Get free trial version of this software. Trial version will help you in evaluating the chances of recovery and software performance. Download its trail version and install it. Perform the recovery process. Refer the software manual if you have any query regarding using tool. After the accomplishment of the recovery process, preview the recovered file using preview option. If you happy with the feedback of the trial version then download the licensed version of the tool to save recovered files.