Lost Documents and Media Files After System Restore? Here Is the Solution!

“Hello, I restored my PC last night.  After doing so, I lost all my files from system. The files are very important to me. How can I recover my files after system restore?”

You can find so many user complaints just like the above case after a system restore. In such situations, need not panic, all your lost files can be recovered with ease.

What is system restore/system recovery?

System Restore is a special feature in Microsoft Windows allowing user to retain computer’s state to a previous point of time. So as to recover from system malfunctions or other issues.

More precisely, system restore help user when PCs are damaged, especially when registry is damaged. When system is restored, the partition is restored to the backed up mode (previous mode) it was earlier. But the disadvantage is modification and new data on system will be lost after a restore. In such case, what to do after losing vital and new files? How to get back files after system restore?

Stop worrying and find a solution that is mentioned to resolve this issue.

Steps to recover lost files

  • Restart the computer and continuously press F8 to display “Windows Advanced Option” Menu
  • Choose Safe Mode using arrow keys and hit on Enter
  • Go with either Microsoft Windows Whistler Personal or Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
  • Now click on Administrator and enter authenticated password and Enter
  • Click Yes if a confirmation prompt to operate in Safe Mode is displayed
  • Now click on Start and then on My Computer.
  • Double-click the hard drive from where files were lost and then click on ‘Documents and Settings’
  • Right-click on the folder and click ‘Properties’.
  • Click on ‘Security’, then on ‘Advanced’ option
  • Mark and select ‘Replace owner on the subcontainers and objects’ option and click on ‘Apply’
  • Click Yes to security message and then on ‘OK’ twice
  • Finally restart your system

Now you will see all your lost documents back on system.

Some possible causes of losing data after restoration of system are:

  1. Restoring system without having a data backup copy.
  2. internal hard disk failure or system incompatibility while performing system recovery can result in data loss disaster.

Tips to Avoid Data Loss on Windows

  • Backup all your files on a regular basis before starting your system restore
  • Keep your system away from virus and malware using an updated antivirus application