NTFS partition recovery tool

NTFS is a file system used in Windows PC. This file system was developed by Microsoft Corporation. It was first developed for Windows NT, now it is been used in all the latest Windows operating system, the full form of NTFS is New Technology File System. The performance of this file system is considerably high; besides of this it has several other properties like self-healing, data integrity etc, it can facilitate you to encrypt your sensitive files and folders. Hence it is a reliable file system.

But at times it happens that you will lose this NTFS partition or data present in it or sometimes it happens that you will delete NTFS partition by mistake.

Assume that you have kept some important data into your NTFS partition, and by mistake deleted all the data present in it then definitely you have to confront severe data loss problem.

But now the trend has got changed and there is a recovery tool, which has the potential of recovering the NTFS partition without making you strive regarding it.

The NTFS partition recovery tool has a lot of benefiting features, by using which you can easily perform NTFS recovery. Before introducing the prominent features of NTFS recovery tool, let us begin with some reasons that influence loss NTFS partition out of Windows PC.

Scenarios of losing NTFS partition:

  • Repartitioning of NTFS partition: assume that you want to re-install the operating system on your computer, in order to re-install if you repartition the hard drive of your Windows PC then you will lose the partitions and data present in existing NTFS partition
  • Corruption of NTFS partition: in case if the NTFS partition gets corrupted then you will lose the access to the data present in your NTFS partition, there are many reasons for the NTFS partition to get corrupted among them virus infection, sudden booting of computer and presence of bad sectors on the hard drive are the main.

Whatever may be the reason you don’t have to panic at all because the NTFS partition recovery tool can easily get back your lost or deleted data from the partition of NTFS.

The outstanding features of NTFS partition recovery tool are mentioned below:

  • This recovery tool has the ability to restore lost or deleted data from NTFS partitions effectively
  • By using this NTFS recovery tool you can easily restore data that has been formatted from NTFS partition
  • More than 300 file types can be recovered by using this NTFS recovery tool
  • If you have reinstalled the operating system on your computer and while reinstalling if you have lost your vital data then use this recovery tool to get it back
  • With the help of this tool, you can recover lost or deleted media files from NTFS partition
  • The files which you have deleted by pressing shift+del can also be recovered by using this recovery tool

Follow these simple steps to recover your lost or deleted data from NTFS partition:

Download the free demo version of this NTFS recovery tool from our website=> install the same on your Windows PC => run the application=> follow the proper screen steps and perform recovery of the lost or deleted data from your NTFS partition => if you feel comfortable working with the software then purchase the licensed version of same application.