Tips and Tricks to Save Android Phone Battery Life

Ending up with low battery problems at the time of using the smartphones will cause frustration to anyone. This is a quite common scenario with all the powerful pocket-sized electronic devices as we depend on these devices for entertainment purpose and to keep us connected, etc. there are so many reasons for the falling of android device stamina. Here let me explain one small incident that has happened to me so that it helps for someone who comes across the similar situation.

Recently I purchased Nexus 6P smartphone while my wife purchased new shiny Nexus 5X. I would spend a fair amount of time on these devices and I also have a pretty good idea about battery life as I reviewed them already. But after some days, we found that something seemed very off i.e. we were both running into low energy or battery zone in the mid-evening hours and I don’t understand what’s wrong with these Nexus 5X and nexus 6P.

After a long searching for a clue, I found the answer i.e. the power hungry offender was none other than Google photos. Me and my wife usually use and depends on smartphones to capture photos and videos and there lies a problem like we always set our Phones to sync our pictures anytime we were connected to Wi-Fi with no restrictions and this seems to be a sensible setup, as it would make sure that our precious moments were frequently backed up and hence safe from accidental loss and always ready to share. Later I came to know that this is the only issue to which we ran out of battery conditions. The problem is that uploading data to a remote server uses a fair amount of power especially when a large number of photos and videos are involved. Sticking to Wi-Fi only helped us avoid burning through a ton of mobile data but did nothing for our device’s poor weary batteries.

How to fix low battery problem?

Save Android  Battery Life

The fixing of low battery problem is quite a simple process. It requires flipping one switch an anonymous little toggle located in the “Backup & sync” section of the Photos app’s settings i.e. I changed the settings to enable the backup of photos and videos only when the charger is connected. Now we are getting better battery life. So if your battery life seems to very poor and you are using photos to backup camera content then I would strongly recommend you to enable this setting.

Get Detailed Information about Taking Notes on Windows 10 Powered Surface Device

Taking notes on your Surface Tablet is another approach of interacting with the windows 10 running device. Whether it may be a short note or long note everything can be done by typing, writing by hand, etc. Besides with the new version of Windows, your Surface tablet is now capable of assessing and collecting your handwriting and even voice for improving the character recognition. It also provides you with a personalised user dictionary and text completion suggestions.

Notes on Windows 10 Powered Surface DeviceAs we all know that typing is the only easiest way to make notes. With the Surface devices like Surface 3, Surface Pro 3 or Surface Pro 4 you can attach a Type Cover and can start typing to take notes. If you buy a Surface Book, ensure that whether the display is locked into the keyboard or not. In order to get the better typing on your Surface Pro, it is better to use new Surface Pro 4 Type Cover or Surface Pro 4 Type Cover with Fingerprint ID. The Surface Pro 4 Type Cover is more compatible with Surface Pro 3.

How to start typing on your Surface?

To start the typing on your Surface, open the Action Centre by swiping the right side of the Surface screen and select OneNote option. You can also select the OneNote from the Start Menu by tapping the Windows icon which is nothing but the digital note taking the app that is preinstalled with Windows 10. Otherwise, if you have a surface pen then you can also launch the OneNote by clicking the erase button. Doubling clicking on erase button also enables you to take the screen shot of the Surface screen.

Surface Pen:

Another way of taking notes is by using Surface Pen. Before going to use you have to configure it. For this option go to Settings option on your Surface tablet and open the Device and select the Pen option. You can also take hand drawn notes on the web pages in Microsoft Edge browser or with Windows 10. If you have already installed Windows 10 you can hand-writes remainders into Cortana.

OneNote 2013 and OneNote 2016:

There is a chance of converting lengthy notes you have written using the Surface Pen to text only if you have installed OneNote 2013 or OneNote 2016. For this option select the handwritten note or the portion of it. Now you would see the selected handwriting which will convert to text. You can also have the option to make edits or corrections.

Windows Journal:

Suppose if you don’t have the OneNote 2013 or OneNote 2016, then you can use this Windows Journal app for free that is available in Windows Accessories folder. Once if you have the handwritten note app then tap the selection tool button which is available on the Tool Bar and now draw a line around the handwriting you want to convert.


You can also control the apps and dictate the notes with your voice by using built-in Windows Speech Recognition software. You can select the Windows Speech Recognition in the Windows Ease of Access folder.

How to Recover Deleted Files from C Drive

“I was deleting a few unused files and folders from my C drive. Halfway through, I accidentally deleted some folders that had some of my important documents in it. I now want this folder back on my C drive, so is it possible to recover deleted files from C drive on my Windows computer?”
Yes, you can easily restore files deleted from C drive on your Windows computer. It is also possible to recover any file that was either deleted or lost from your C drive by making use of a C drive recovery software on your computer.
The software and how the software can be used on your C drive to recover files can be found in the below linked video:

Here, you see how the software was successful in bringing back the files from C drive in just a matter of minutes!
So, if you’ve deleted files from C drive or found files missing from C drive, then there’s still a ray of hope. You can retrieve back all your data and restore it back on your computer so that you can access them again.
Internal hard drives can house thousands of files and a folder can have as many as hundreds of files saved in it. When a user permanently deletes a file or folder from the C drive, he needs to recover the same file/folder with all its contents intact. Besides recovering it back, the user intends to recover the same data in its original form with nothing changed in it.
This can be only achieved if the user runs a recommended C drive recovery tool on his hard drive. With a tool that guarantees to recover each and every file from your hard drive, you can assure yourself that all your data is retrieved without failure.
Another requirement of a recovery tool is to be reliable at all times. It shouldn’t crash while recovering huge amounts of data from a hard drive which can be in terms of GB’s or even TB’s. This is something that can be performed by a recommended hard drive recovery tool on your Windows computer.
However, there are a few requirements to be followed by the user after deleting files from C drive. One needs to know that a recovery software works to recover the files from the memory of the hard drive. With that said, all the deleted or even lost data from your C drive continues to remain in the drives memory even after you delete or have lost the files from the hard drive. These files are retrieved off the memory by the recovery software which requires all the deleted/lost files from C drive to be present in the memory. To preserve the deleted/lost files from C drive, you need to stop using the drive after the data loss.
The deleted/lost data will remain in the hard drives memory as long as you don’t write new data onto its memory. If new data is written, it will overwrite the previous data and cause it to be lost forever. So as long as you don’t write new data onto the drive, you are guaranteed to recover deleted files from c drive.

Learn How to Import Contacts in Outlook 2013 from Vcard

Outlook is an import function which is limited to 1 vcf-file at a single time and you are not able to select a folder to import. It is true for importing multiple contacts in a single vCard. Outlook application will only import the first available contact in that file.

If you only have numbers of vcf-file to import, then you can double click them to open with Outlook and then tap Save & Close to save them in Outlook. This is of course a bit difficult when you have lots of contacts to import in Outlook 2013.

In order to quickly contacts in Outlook 2013, you have to follow below mentioned steps:

  • Export to CVC-file
  • First Import to Windows Contacts
  • Use vCard add-in

Steps to Import Contacts in Outlook 2013 from Vcard

  • First of all open Outlook application and press on File Tab when you have your CSV file.
  • Tap on Open & Export in the list of options which is on the left side of the screen. This option is available on the Account Information screen.
  • Press Import/Export on the Open screen which is displaying on monitor.
  • You enter into Import and Export Wizard, after that select Import from another file. You can choose an action to perform list. Then click next.
  • There is an option called Import a File dialog box, here you have to select Comma Separated Values. The Comma Separated value is selected from Select file type to import from list and then click next.
  • Tap Browse on the next screen.
  • You can navigate to the folder containing the CSV file where you want to import from Browse dialog box. Then select the file and click OK.
  • In case of duplicate entries are encountered, you can select an option to indicate what you have to perform. Then click next.
  • Tap select Contacts from the selected destination folder to specify the location of imported contacts. After that click next button.
  • Summary screen appears on your monitor which informs you about the actions performed. You can also use the Destination button to change the previous location in Outlook where the contacts will be saved.

Know How to Recover Deleted Picture from Canon DSLR

Canon Digital cameras are widely used to capture images and videos. It captures high quality pictures and videos. Sometimes due to human error like accidental deletion photos get deleted and become unreachable from user. It is a drastic situation for user since user has to suffer from severe loss. In such condition user is searching for reliable tool to recover deleted pictures from Canon DSLR camera. Can anyone suggest how to recover deleted picture from Canon DSLR effectively?

If you are trapped in such issue as stated above then don’t worry, just make use of Recover DSLR tool and recover your photos from Canon digital camera. It is most effective and reliable recovery software, which can easily recover photos from various types of memory cards such as SD cards, XD cards, MMC cards, CF cards etc. You can easily recover photos from different file format such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS, HFSX, HFS+, etc. It is user friendly since both technical and non technical user can easily recover deleted pictures from Canon DLSR camera.

Scenarios for deletion of photos from Canon DLSR camera

Accidental Deletion: It is one of the most common reasons for deletion of pictures from Canon DLSR camera. While previewing pictures from camera, if user accidentally press delete button then picture get permanently deleted from memory card of Canon camera.

File system corruption: The memory card, which is been used in Canon camera has an important data structure called as “File System”, this file system sometimes gets corrupt, if it corrupts then it said that memory card has been corrupted. File system corruption mainly happens due to virus infection.

Sudden removal of memory card from Canon camera: When the photos that are saved in memory card is being viewed on camera then you should not remove the card, if it is removed then there are chances of memory card to get corrupt, after which you can lose photos from it.

Due to any of these above mentioned reasons, if the memory card of your Canon camera gets corrupt then don’t worry, use memory card recovery software and recover your photos in a very effective manner.

Features of this recovery tool

  • With the help of this amazing tool you can easily recover various types of files such as pictures, audio files, movies etc. .
  • Apart from memory cards, this application can be used for recovering photos from various types corrupted storage devices including flash drives, memory sticks, external hard drives, FireWire drives etc.
  • In a very limited time period the tool recovers photos from corrupted memory card of Canon digital camera.
  • It is safest recovery software that has no harmful viruses, and malicious programs.
  • This tool can perform photo recovery on all major versions of Windows operating systems, including Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows XP etc.
  • Demo version of this recovery app is available online that help user to recover deleted pictures from Canon DLSR camera.

How to Repair Broken Outlook 2010 PST File?

repair broken Outlook 2010 PST fileIs your Microsoft Outlook 2010 noticed to be excessively slow or having errors? Are you facing a range of errors, while opening MS Outlook 2010 PST file? Does your PST file have corrupted or damaged? Do you want to know exactly, how to repair broken Outlook 2010 PST file? Then read on this page which assists you to know how to repair your corrupted PST file on MS Outlook 2010. Outlook 2010 is a stable email information manager form Microsoft Ltd. Although, it’s a stable application sometimes, as a user you may find the following common three types of errors while opening / operating the MS Outlook.pst file in the Outlook application.

  • Error-1: The following sets of folders cannot be opened. Errors have been detected in the file.
  • Error-2: Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 has encountered a serious problem and needs to close. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Error-3: Errors have been detected in the C:/MIcrsoftOutlook 2010/Outlook.pst. Quit Outlook 2010 application and all email-enabled utility. Use inbox repair tool (Scanpst.ext) for diagnosing and repairing errors in the PST file. For more information about “Scanpst.ext”, see help.

What are the reasons for above stated errors in Microsoft Outlook 2010 application?

  • Improper exit of Outlook tool: While the MS Outlook tool is still running. You may accidentally or intentionally terminate the task by abruptly shut down the Outlook application, shutting down the system etc. might cause the PST file to get corrupt or damaged. So, always exit the Outlook program properly; improper exiting the application causes the PST file to get damage.
  • Saving Microsoft Outlook.pst on a server or in a network drive: If you save your PST file on a network server, there are chances that the file may get damaged or corrupted while accessing file, network failure, database corruption etc. So, save your PST files on your computer itself.
  • Multi-tasking large number of emails on a single operation: while performing email tasks such as copying, deleting, moving etc. on a single operation may cause the PST file to get corrupt or damage. So, Instead of single operations carry out in many repeated steps.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 PST file size limit: Each and every version of the Outlook application has a maximum PST file size limit. In Outlook 2010 it is limited to 50 GB. So, it is better to keep the Outlook.pst file size well below this pre-configured limit, in order to avoid damage of the file.

How to repair broken Outlook 2010 PST file?

Above highlighted corruption factors can be fixed using the most trusted application called as “Fix PST tool”. As the application name implies; it has a simple a user friendly GUI tool and can repair all the corruption or damaged file scenarios on Microsoft Outlook 2010. This utility is supported on different versions on Windows operating system platforms from Windows XP to Windows 8. It is the most reliable software used by industrially experts and individual users to fix the three common errors faced in Microsoft Office Outlook, irrespective of the Outlook versions.

Recover Files from RAW External Hard Drive in Few Simple Steps

External hard drive contains all your precious data such as videos, audios, photos, documents, etc. It is also used as a backup of your important data. External hard drive is portable as well as easy to carry.  Apart from these features, there are some situations that force your External hard drive to become RAW. It is the situations, where your system fails to identify the file system of the External hard drive. Generally, External hard drive becomes RAW when the file system gets corrupt or damaged and in turn it makes the data inaccessible.

If you are facing with such situations then don’t get panicked. You can easily retrieve files from External hard drive with the help of file recovery software. So, you can make use of Folder Recovery Software to recover files from RAW External hard drive within few mouse clicks.

Reasons for External Hard Drive to become RAW:

Power Surge: While accessing any data from External Hard drive, if any interruptions occur due to unexpected power failure or improper shutdown of system then the file system may gets corrupted and your external hard drive may become RAW.

Formatting or Re-formatting: If any interruptions occur due to any reasons during formatting or Re-formatting of External hard drive then your file system may gets corrupt and make your External hard drive RAW.

Virus Attack: Severe external threats like virus, malware, Trojans or spyware may corrupt file system of External hard drive and makes it inaccessible. As a result, you will lose data from it.

In above situation, you have not any option other than formatting the External hard drive as to make it accessible again but it will wipes out your complete data. It is always suggested not to use any drive if you have lose any data from it unless and until you have not use any recovery software to avoid permanent deletion of files. Thus, you can recover files from RAW External Hard Drive due to any of the above mentioned situations using Folder Recovery Software.       

Features of Folder Recovery Software:

  • This software is capable of recovering files from RAW External hard drive as well as system hard drive from various brands of hard drive such as Hitachi, Kingston, HP, Lexar, Samsung, SanDisk, etc with utmost ease.
  • This software not only recover files from RAW External hard drive but also recover files from memory cards, system hard drive, iPods, flash drives, etc.
  • This software is compatible to restore files from RAW External hard drive on all the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system.
  • You can make use of Demo version of the software to evaluate the ability of the software. If you are satisfied with the recovered then after you can activate the software to save the recovered files.
  • It provides you one unique option named as “Preview” through which you can easily view your recovered data prior to saving it to desired place.
  • This software is capable of retrieving data from hard disk having file system such as FAT32, FAT16, NTFS5, NTFS and ExFAT.

How to Recover Deleted Data Recovery from FAT32 Partition?

“Hi, am using both Mac and Windows operating system for some official reasons. Yesterday I switched my Windows drive volume from FAT32 file system to NTFS and partitioned it in order to manage data easily on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Suddenly after conversion I deleted that entire volume which was in FAT32 file system along with some data. Those data are very important to me. Is there any way to recover deleted FAT32 partition data from my hard drive? If so suggest me, thanking you!

FAT is a very popular and commonly used file system on removable storage devices like USB pen drives, external hard drives, memory cards, iPod etc.

Today all removable gadgets like USB drives, memory sticks, MP3 player, digital cameras & memory cards use FAT32 as their default file system. Sometimes, you may come across some issues i.e. lost/deleted files by mistake. If you think is there any way to recover your FAT32 files, then you’re in a right place. “YES”. If the file system is affected due to some reason then the files saved on the device are likely to be lost. So don’t panic! Data loss won’t be a problem anymore, because you can easily recover deleted FAT32 partition by utilizing a program known as deleted data recovery from FAT32 partition which is designed with advanced searching technology, so that it scans entire hard disk / external storage devices and recovers different types of files like images, audios, videos, presentation, text documents, Outlook files, PDF, text documents etc, in a simple way.

Scenarios in which files get deleted / lost in FAT 32 partitions:

  • Files deleted from FAT32 partitions –If you delete a file accidentally from the Recycle Bin or by using “Shift + Delete” key combination to delete files. In such cases, it is best to make use of this recovery tool to get back your files from FAT32 partition.
  • Partition corruption: If you are trying to do dual or multi OS boot installation, the files on that partition may get corrupt causing data loss.
  • Formatted / re-formatted FAT32 partitions – Files on the hard drive with FAT32 file system may get lost when you format the drive by mistake. which leads to lose your files from that partition.
  • Also sometimes your files on the hard drive may get lost while converting from one file to another file system i.e. from FAT to NTFS or vice versa.
  • Files lost after re-partitioning the hard drive – Sometimes when you re-partition your hard drive either by deleting or re-sizing, if errors occur during partitioning will make the process incomplete which may result in loss of files from the FAT32 partition.

Reason to choose this data recovery tool:

This tool holds good for its special features like,

  • Recovers data back from formatted FAT partitions even after reinstalling of Windows
  • Based on their unique signatures it identifies and recovers all types of files such as office files, video, audio, photos, and other important file types
  • Recovered data can be arranged on the basis of their name, date, size and file type
  • Also recovers data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExtFAT formatted partitions

This recovery software is non-destructive and read-only software which keeps your data secure and also it is user friendly in nature hence all types of users can use this software without any problem.

How to Repair Corrupted or Broken AVI Video File?

AVI file is widely used file to save multimedia movies and other videos files. This file type is compatible with both the operating system Windows and Mac. The main benefit of the AVI file is that it holds abstract data interfaces for the multimedia data. If something goes wrong while accessing, transferring process and editing process of AVI file, then AVI files can easily gets damaged or corrupted. Then you will get tensed and starts thinking how to repair AVI video file??? Stop worrying because you can easily repair AVI video file by using video repair tool.

Consider a scenario in which you have important video in AVI file format and you are very busy in watching on your computer. While watching you were getting pop message saying low battery but you just ignored that message and continued watching. After sometime, your computer gets shuts down. When you turn on the computer then you could see that AVI file may be damaged or broken.

Have you heard about a software named Video repair software? This tool is targeted for repairing your damaged or corrupted files video within a few simple steps. With the help of powerful scanning algorithm, it can repair corrupted AVI file by preserving its quality. Before checking the features of this tool, it is good to examine some causes of AVI file corruption.

  • Virus is the one most destructive element, which has the capability to damage the file structure and essential parts of a multimedia file. Suppose, if your AVI file is attacked by deadly viruses then the chances AVI file corruption increases. Viruses can damaged your file and make it inaccessible. Sometimes it may results in loss of file from your PC.
  • AVI File does not play at all due to a CODEC issue. In this case you will require a CODEC to decode the video and audio data within an AVI file. Sound plays but no picture or video plays but no sound. This also happens due to codec issues.

Therefore, whatever may the reason behind the damage or corruption of the AVI file, you can simply bring back your lost AVI file from your computer by using this video repair tool. By using this you will definitely come to know how repair AVI video files which got corrupted due to several known and unknown issues.

Advanced features of Video Repair Software

The video repair tool is an exclusive tool to repair AVI video file on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. It will repairs and adjoins audio and video data stream side by side. It rigorously scans your PC by applying its commanding in built algorithm in order to repair AVI multimedia files. This tool has a user-friendly interface and it can be used by any non-technical person with ease. You can observe your restored AVI files by using preview option. In order to check out all the features of the recovery tool, you can download the free trial version. Once you are satisfied with recovery result then you buy licensed key version.

Know Easy Way to Repair Photoshop File EOF error.

PSD stands for Photoshop document which is used for editing the pictures in the system. It consists of so many features like alpha channels, duotone settings, masks, texts, clipping paths, transparency, and CMYK mode so on. So due to these features it is mostly used by the photographers and designers. It saves the images in the form of layers like text, image, shape etc. After editing the image it saves it in the form of .psd extension and we can convert the PSD files to any image file format like JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc.

When Photoshop fails to save the header and footer information of the file then there will arise an error called end of file error and this error has to be fixed early in order to access the PSD file. Some other reasons like system corruption, spyware attack, and software malfunction, etc. also lead to EOF error. In such cases no need to worry because we can perform PSD EOF repair with the help of the software named as PSD File Repair software.

Reasons behind the corruption of PSD file:

  • Spyware attack: The PSD file gets corrupted due to spyware attack. Where spyware is nothing but virus software which can collect user’s secret data and pass to others. These malicious programs can corrupt the files or cause abrupt behavior of the file.
  • Sudden shutdown: While editing the picture using Photoshop if suddenly the system shutdown occurred due to unexpected reasons like power failure or user’s accidental shutdown the PSD file gets corrupted.
  • System corruption: The system gets corrupted due to some reasons like formatting / re-formatting, due to improper shutdown of the system, or while installing a third party software. Due to system corruption the PSD files are broken and can’t be readable.
  • Downloading interrupt: The PSD files get corrupted due to interruption that is caused at the time of downloading a file. The downloading error occurs due to sudden shutdown of the system, or due to network problems.
  • PSD file on damaged device: The PSD files can be stored in any storage device such as memory cards, External USB drive, pen drives, etc. and these devices have to be in healthy condition. If you save the PSD file in any damaged device the PSD file gets corrupted / damaged and becomes inaccessible to open.

Features of PSD File Repair software:

  • PSD File Repair software is used to fix PSD file from various Windows operating system versions such as windows XP, windows Vista, windows 7, windows server 2003 and 2008 and Mac OS such as Mountain Lion, Lion, Mavericks, and Snow Leopard.
  • PSD File Repair software is used to fix PSD EOF error that occurs in Photoshop versions like cs1, cs2, cs3, cs4 and cs5.
  • PSD file Repair software is used to repair the broken PSD file from various storage devices like External USB drive, hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, etc.
  • PSD File Repair software is used to Repair PSD EOF error with different color modes such as indexed color, bitmap, and multichannel color etc.
  • PSD File Repair software is effectively used to repair the scratch disk full Photoshop along with the RLE compressed PSD file.
  • This software is used to fix the damaged or bad PSD and PDD files from various adobe Photoshop versions and it supports the PSD file recovery with a depth of 1, 8, 16 and 32 bits per channel.
  • PSD File Repair software consists of a preview feature. After repairing the corrupted PSD file the user can have a preview of that PSD file before going to restore it.