Know How to Use MS Outlook and as the Same Time

Outlook is an email app of the Microsoft office suite. There are other mail clients within the Microsoft outlook like outlook for windows phone, OWA for Android, OWA for iPad, outlook calendar and mails for different versions of Microsoft office like 2003,2007,2010,2013. You can use outlook to send and receive email from as well as you can use its different features like calendar, tasks, journals, contacts, etc. Outlook has some features which are mentioned below:
• If you are not connected to internet and before that if you have received any mail then you can open that mail without the help of internet. is a free web based mail account from Microsoft which used to be Hotmail,, account depends upon the versions of Outlook that you are using. Some steps to add your account to your outlook 2013.
• Select on file button and add an account.
• Enter your name, email address and password.
• After clicking on next you have to download Outlook connector.
• After downloading the outlook connector, you have to follow the instructions which are showing on your system screen.
• After the connector is installed, add a new account and click on cancel button.
• Then click on exit button and restart your outlook.
• After the account is successfully added and if you want to add more accounts then click on add more accounts and proceed the further process what you have done earlier.
Apart from this if you want to change your password then update the information in Outlook and update your account password. By synchronizing the calendars in, you can take the advantages of time management features of it such as viewing multiple calendars at same time. With Outlook 2010 and Outlook connector you can also use the following features:
• View tasks and flagged messages under your appointments on the days from when they are due
• Arrange your appointments with different custom color.
• Overlay multiple calendars.

Data Recovery from WD Scorpio Blue

About WD Scorpio Blue:

WD Scorpio Blue is one of the models of storage device which is designed and developed by WD for devices such as notebook computers, external HD and digital media players. It delivers advanced techniques which include ultra-quiet operation and low power consumption, reliability, data-protection, safety and security, etc. Besides, it is available on large storage capacities ranging from 160 to 640 GB in which user can hold it according to their need.

However, in spite of being a safe and reliable storage media, WD Scorpio Blue hard drives are liable to overheating and power surges which make entire hard drive to become inaccessible or unreadable. At times, there might be a problem that strikes WD Scorpio Blue which includes clicking, ticking or clinching of sounds that can result in hard drive failure or header crash. Surely, this sort of incidence can make you worry and also think of how to recover data from WD Scorpio Blue hard drive? In such cases, don’t fret up! Yes, with the usage of usage of Western Digital recovery software you can easily retrieve data from WD Scorpio Blue hard drive in a short span of time. It is the well-recognized software which is used by many people around the globe to perform WD Scorpio Blue data recovery with an utmost ease.

Scenarios behind data loss or deletion from WD Scorpio Blue:

  • Infection of Virus: In case, if you connect the Western Scorpio blue drive to virus infected devices then there are possibilities for virus to enter the file system very easily. Also, if the entered virus is of higher caliber then it can corrupt the whole file system which in turn leads to huge data disaster from Western Scorpio Blue hard drives. So, to overcome from these kinds of unfortunate situations, you can effectively make use of this reliable tool which has the efficiency to recover missed data in a few simple clicks.
  • Formatting: It is the easy method available on any storage device to clear the entire files and folders. Thus, if you format the Western Scorpio drive without having proper backup of important files and folders then it will lead to loss of data in a fraction of seconds. But by using the retrieving tool, data which is lost from Western Scorpio Blue can be retrieved very easily.
  • Unintentional Deletion of Data: There may be some unwanted files on Western Scorpio Blue hard drive which holds more memory. Therefore, to increase the free space you might decide to delete those files from hard drive. Thus while performing this task you might unintentionally end up erasing some of the crucial data permanently by clicking “select all” option. Fortunately, with the usage of the prominent restoring application you can restore data from WD Scorpio Blue drive.

Other reasons such as hard drive failure, bad sectors, abrupt ejection during data transfer, anti-virus utility, improper usage of drive, defrag failure, etc. might also result in deletion or loss of data from WD Scorpio Blue drive. Anyhow, by using Western digital recovery software you can recover data from WD Scorpio Blue without any difficulty.

Features of Western Digital Recovery Software:

  • This software has the ability to recover any kind of deleted or lost data such as MP3 albums, photo gallery, video clips, PowerPoint presentations, MS words, etc. from WD Scorpio blue drive.
  • The special built scanning algorithm has the capability to scan entire WD Scorpio blue drive and retrieve deleted or lost data in few minutes.
  • With the help of this restoring tool, you can retrieve data from various storage devices which include external hard drives, flash drive, memory cards, iPods, etc.
  • Apart from WD external drive, it has the capability to restore data from various brands of external drives such as Toshiba, Seagate, SanDisk, Transcend, Buffalo, Sony, Dell, Samsung, HP, Maxtor and many others.
  • Once the data is recovered using WD recovering utility, restored data can be sorted on the basis of file name, file size, date and file location.
  • As soon as the data is retrieved, the “Preview” option in this tool allows you to preview the recovered files before saving onto any desired location.
  • This utility can be perfectly installed in key version of Windows and Mac Operating System to recover erased or missed data from WD drives.

How to Recover Formatted Data from Pen Drive

“I accidentally formatted my pen drive and lost all photos from it. I had 8GB of data on it and want all the lost data back. So, is it even possible to recover formatted data from pen drive?”

Yes, you can get back all your formatted data from your pen drive with the help of a formatted pen drive recovery software. This video shows you how to recover formatted data from pen drive with the help of a recovery software.

The above used software is also the most recommended software when it comes to formatted pen drive recovery and is also one of the most widely used software for the same. This software lets you recover files of all types and sizes may it be photos, videos, word files, PPT files, PDF files and so on.

The first and foremost thing that you need to do when you’ve formatted your pen drive is to stop using it. The formatted data still continues to remain on your pen drive even after the format. This data can be recovered back with a software such as the one shown in the above video whereas, if you continue to use your pen drive you’re likely to overwrite the formatted data with new data, thus causing your formatted data to be lost permanently. So to avoid all chances of data overwrite you’re advised to not use your pen drive anymore and get a pen drive recovery software at the earliest to retrieve back all your data.

Features of this Formatted Pen Drive Recovery Software:

  • This software lets you to recover formatted data from pen drives of all types and storage sizes and also supports pen drives of all brands.
  • It comes with a simple interface which not just requires a few mouse clicks to get the software underway but is also fast and straightforward.
  • It recovers all your data which can be previewed by you before saving the same to any folder of your choice.
  • The software takes care to see to that you don’t save the recovered data to the same folder from which it was recovered from, thus prevents data overwrite by the user while recovering the data.

How can one safeguard his data present on a pen drive?

A fair way to protect your data from intrusions and other vulnerabilities is to have a regular backup for all your data. during times of crises such as data loss due to format and so on a backup can be of tremendous help. However, even with no backup you can still get back your data with the above shown software. Yes, it’s that simple to recover formatted data from pen drive.

How to Recover Data from Formatted Flash Drive

Hi guys, I am personally using Kingston flash drive from couple of months to backup essential project related files and also some entertainment files on it. Few days back, I connected the flash drive to system for accessing the files. After connecting when I opened the flash disk, it displayed an error message “flash drive not formatted, format now”. I don’t know the exact reason behind this issue but I was denied from accessing the files thus I intentionally formatted the flash drive. To my bad luck, I don’t have any back up of those files which made me frustrated even more. Therefore I want to know, is there any possible way to retrieve the files which are lost after format? If yes, then please assist me in a best manner. Thanks in advance!

Off course! Formatting error has become a common situation these days thus you don’t need to get panic. There are many unauthentic tools available on market to retrieve data but Flash Drive Recovery is the best software which is commonly used by many people around the world to recover flash drive data after format. This well-established tool consists of special scanning procedure which has the capability to scan entire thumb disk and retrieve missed data in a short period of time.

Scenarios responsible behind formatting of flash drive:

Virus Infection: Virus program has the capability to enter the flash drive when you connect the disk with virus infected system and receive the data from it. Suppose, if the entered viruses are of higher density then it can corrupt the thumb disk in a matter of time. Hence to get rid of this hectic situation you might decide to format the USB disk which result in unreadable of available data.

File System Corruption: File system plays the vital role in accessing the files on pen drive. It is used to store necessary information such as file name, created date, modified date, size and file location regarding the every file available on flash disk. Thus if the file system gets corrupted due to any malfunctioning then the storage device will become inaccessible. Therefore to overcome from this issue you might opt to format the pen drive which in turn leads to loss of data which are available on it.

Casual Format: Before copying the new files on flash drive, if you format the pen drive with existing files available on it there all the data will become unreadable from pen drive. Therefore if you forget to move or copy the essential files to any other storage medium then it might result in loss of data.

These are some reasons responsible behind the loss of data from flash drive. Just in case, if you have witnessed these kinds of vulnerable situations then effectively make use of flash drive recovery software to perform formatted flash drive data recovery.

Tremendous Features of Flash Drive Recovery Software:

  • This retrieving software can be even used by amateur users to perform recovery of data such as music files, video clips, archives, documents, presentations which are lost from flash drive due to formatting.
  • With the usage of this recovering tool, you can recover files which are lost from storage devices such as external hard disk, memory cards, FireWire, iPod’s and music players.
  • There might be some files on flash drive which can’t open due to formatting error or thumb disk corruption. But this retrieving software tool can get back those kinds of data without any struggle.
  • It is best utility to restore lost files from various brands of thumb disks such as Kingston, Transcend, Samsung, Sony, HP, Lexar, SanDisk, Lenovo and many others.
  • If the required data is found then you can resume the process by using “Save Recovery Session” option, it also makes sure that you don’t need to re-scan the recovered files again.
  • The preview option available in this tool enhances you to preview the recovered files before storing into desired folder.
  • This reliable tool can be installed and utilized well in major versions of Windows (Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and 2008) and Mac (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite) Operating System to recover flash drive data after format.

Best Data Recovery Software for Laptop

A laptop is a type of computer that can be used as per our requirement. Laptops are commonly used for different purpose, including at work, in education and for personal multimedia usage. They provide some benefits like efficient note taking for students, facilitates group work, accessibility and connectivity.

Every day you are saving some crucial data in your computer. What happens when you lose some important data from your laptop? It may be your office documents, your favourite music files collection, it may be some important photos, etc. You can’t even think about that right! Now, if you have a question, is it possible for me to recover these deleted or lost files from my laptop? Then the answer is yes, it is possible for you to recover deleted or lost data from your laptop by using a reliable laptop recovery tool that can recover all deleted or lost data / files from your laptop.

What is data loss?

Data loss is an error condition in which information may be destroyed by some neglect or failure in storage, processing, transmission. Let us go through some data loss scenarios which may happen on your laptop.

There are several reasons behind loss of data from your laptop. The most common reason behind data loss from laptop hard drive is due to file system corruption. What does the file system does? A file system is a way of organizing the data as hierarchical nature of directories and fact that data elements and directories have names. What happens when a file system gets corrupted? If a file system gets corrupted then the pointers stored in the file allocation table on the storage devices cannot be accessed. Without the pointers, a file system can’t open a file.

Besides file system corruption, data from laptop can get missing or lost due to accidental deletion. Accidental deletion usually happen on laptop hard drive due to users own negligence, i.e. we may select some of the important files while deleting useless files. We may end up deleting files by usage of different methods such as applying Shift Delete combination key, deleting from command prompt, deleting files from Recycle Bin, deletion by third party software, etc. There are different other reasons for loss of files from laptop hard drive such as bad sectors, virus effect, power interruption, accidental formatting, etc.

Laptop Data Recovery tool is used to recover deleted or lost data from your laptop. When you delete data from your laptop, the pointer in the file system is removed and data remains at the allocated space in the disk. Special programs and built in algorithms are used by this application to recover data from laptop. With the help of these algorithms, this software will search sector by sector in your disk and recover deleted or lost files from your laptop.

Features of Laptop Data Recovery tool

This software will scan and recover the data from the entire disk quickly. It can recover data from deleted, in accessible partitions, formatted drive even after re installing the operating system. This software can recover the data that may lose due to partition errors. This tool performs data recovery even when the hard disk drive is crashed or the system doesn’t start up.

It supports the recovery of data from different hard disk drive types such as IDE, SATA, and SCSI. This application will recover deleted or lost data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT, partitions. Besides helping you recover data from laptop hard drive it can also be used to restore data from XD, SD, MMC, flash memory cards, iPods, USB flash drives, FireWire Drives,. This software can recover more than 300 file types. You can even add or edit new signatures for some files which are not listed.

Recovered data are sorted under the basis of name of the file, extension, date created and size. You can create disk image files to bypass the bad sectors present in the hard drive and later with the help of these disk image files, you can recover lost data present in the bad sectors.“Save Recovery Session” feature helps you to avoid re scanning of your hard disk drive and you can resume the process anytime. Preview option helps you to preview the deleted or lost file which has been recovered by this software.

The recovered files and folders can be stored in a compressed zip archives, which helps you to save the disk space. Recovered data can be viewed on the basis of file extension using “File Type View” option and you can view the recovered files and folders in a hierarchical view using “Data View” option provided by this software.

Note: Don’t use the same location for storing the recovered data. Always save the recovered data to another drive.

How to Fix Unplayable Videos

“I have an AVI video that is corrupt and not playing. Every time I access the video I get an AVI file error saying me ‘AVI file not supported’. I have no idea what caused my AVI file to get corrupt and I’m now desperate to get this video back to normal. Is there anything that will repair AVI video file error and make my AVI video play again?”

Yes, it’s certainly possible to repair corrupt AVI videos on your system and make them play once again. For this, you need an AVI repair software that will fix errors in AVI video in a safe manner without damaging it. Here’s a video which shows you how you can fix corrupt AVI video by making use of an AVI video repair software.

The above used AVI repair application is a certified application that makes use of a safe technique to search, scan and fix the corrupt areas in your AVI video. It doesn’t matter if your AVI video is playing too fast or your AVI video plays without sound. All you require is a good AVI repair tool to fix such issues arising in your video.

AVI videos are no doubt the most widely used video file as of today. One can find that video hosting sites prefer AVI videos to others because of the rich video quality that it offers. Most of the video recording devices such as cameras, handycams, mobile phones and the likes have the option to save the recorded videos with a AVI file extension. AVI videos however do get corrupt due to various reasons while they’re saved on a drive. Once corrupt, they stop to play or play for a while and then terminate itself.

The first and foremost thing to do when you realize that your AVI video is corrupt is to get the best AVI repair software on your system and then repair your corrupt AVI file at the earliest.

Causes for AVI file corruption:

  • Viruses in the drive can gain access to your AVI file and cause it to get corrupt. Such virus infected AVI files never play on any media player and needs to be repaired.
  • You can also damage your AVI videos by playing it on unsupported media players which don’t support the AVI file codec. This can inflict issues on your AVI video as well.
  • Attempting to change the AVI video extension by employing an unorthodox method or a third party software can also leave your AVI video severely corrupt.

Features of this AVI Repair Software:

  • Requires only four mouse clicks to repair your corrupt, broken as well as unplayable AVI videos.
  • Supports to repair AVI videos of all size and versions.
  • Additionally, this software can also repair XVID videos.
  • The repaired AVI video is free from all errors and can be played on any media player.

Study How to Restore Data from HP TouchPad

HP TouchPad is a touchscreen tablet that runs HP webOS. This HP TouchPad is comprised from several notable features. HP TouchPad make use of card multitasking found in Palm Pre phones. The hardware includes an ARM-based Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 1GB of RAM. And this “Touch to Share” allows a Pre 3 mobile to share information such as websites by touching its sensors with the TouchPad’s sensors. The TouchPad has an ability to receive calls and text messages forwarded from any phone using a Palm Profile as well as make and receive calls through the Skype application. Although it has many advantageous features, HP TouchPad is not protected from data loss issues. On such occasion, you must make use of the reliable third party tool named as Android recovery software to restore files from HP TouchPad.

Android recovery tool is proficiently confirmed as bug free and thus safely extracts pictures that are deleted / lost from Android devices like Tablets and Smartphones without causing any damage. Android recovery program supports recovery of files from both Android Tablet and Smartphone of various brands such as HTC, Samsung, Acer, Micromax, Lenovo, Sony, LG, Karbonn, Dell, etc with utmost ease. This utility is designed with powerful scanning strategies, software is capable of rescuing all files like pictures, videos, music, documents, songs, application files, etc. from Android Tablets and Smartphones in few simple clicks. You can get an easy solution on how to recover deleted files of Android after factory reset with the support of this proficient Android recovery program.

In spite of various outstanding attributes of this Android recovery tool, some of you might encounter loss of pictures files and other data in various methods. Below mentioned are the common situations wherein files get lost/deleted from HP TouchPad:

  • As HP TouchPad is touch screen based, while you are using it your finger sometimes you might mistakenly touch delete option and you may lose files from it.
  • Most of the HP TouchPad users are less technical skilled so while changing settings in their Android Tablet, one might accidentally click on “Delete all” option and finally end up with deletion of all the files stored on it.
  • Sometimes there may be a need to format the HP TouchPad device due to some technical errors, you may connect the device to a PC and format it due to reasons best known to you, etc. This results in loss of files from HP TouchPad.
  • While you try to move any file from one location to another in a wrong manner, there are high chances that the files being transferred goes missing.

Other than these issues you can find other reasons that are responsible for recovery of files from HP TouchPad like file system corruption, accidental format, file system errors, etc. But as a fact there is nothing to worried about these issues. You can easily resolve this issue if you make use of this proficient Android recovery tool. If you are interested to gain more knowledge on how to restore files from HP TouchPad then it is recommended to read this website- . This program supports recovery of files from HP TouchPad device to Windows system having Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008 and 2003 operating system to recover lost/deleted files from its internal memory.

Best Program for Recovery of Deleted FAT Partition

FAT is abbreviated as File Allocation Table. FAT is a cluster based file system. It is still used by many of flash memory media storage devices like pen drive, thumb drive, memory card, memory stick, iPod, MP3 players and others. This FAT can support up to 2TB of memory and is universally supported by all operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac. All the data on a FAT system is indexed as a “directory entry”, and all the information is record on it, such as file name, file’s starting cluster and the size of the file, etc.

But unfortunately sometimes you might have come across deletion issue with this FAT partition. If you have deleted FAT partition then it is not possible to get the files that is preserved on it.  Some of the you might be thinking that after deletion of FAT partition, it is lost forever. But the real fact is that when the FAT partition is deleted, only the “directory entry” of the file has been marked as deleted. Therefore if you want to restore deleted FAT partition then the only thing you must to do is find the “directory entry” of the deleted file, then you’ll get your deleted partition.

If you want to regain deleted FAT partition then rescue deleted is one of the stupendous solution. By utilizing this highly preferred rescue deleted software, you can easily recover deleted FAT partition in few clicks. This utility is set up using robust features and recovery techniques that can easily restore deleted FAT partition without facing any difficulty.

Sometimes you might end up deleting entire FAT partition containing valuable files in some unfriendly circumstances. Now let us discuss some of the scenarios that tend to delete FAT partition

  • While resizing hard drive partition, by mistake you may delete the FAT partition that has stored all your fundamental files.
  • Sometimes you could even reformat your FAT partition with NTFS file system, this leads in deletion of valuable files from FAT partition.
  • Malware infection to a single file can assail the entire file system thus resulting in partition corruption. Because of this, you will have to delete your FAT partition to avoid further infection to other partitions.
  • Employing unsecure third party program for repartition existing drive can also lead to deletion of FAT partition.
  • While reinstallation or up gradation of OS, you might delete FAT partition unintentionally.

Are you struck up with all these issues and thinking on how to restore deleted FAT partition? Rescue deleted toolkit offers you an ultimate answer on how to rescue deleted FAT partition in few minutes.

Some of the important attributes of rescue deleted tool

Rescue deleted has an ability to restore deleted partition data from corrupt or inaccessible partitions or Mac volumes that do not mount. Now it is possible to restore deleted FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS+, HFSX formatted partitions or drives with the support of this rescue partition tool. Easily restores deleted Mac volumes from iMac, Mac Book, Mac Mini, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro etc. Therefore you can easily execute Mac HFS partition recovery process with the support of this rescue partition tool. Read this website- to gain more knowledge on how to restore Mac HFS partition. It has an ability to restore files from SATA / SCSI / IDE / SSD hard drives, Fire Wire drives and USB external drives with utmost ease.

Easy Way to Perform Logical Partition

Hi, I am using Windows based OS computer and it contains only one logical partition so I decided to format the partition in order to perform re-partition in that particular drive. After the formatting process is over, I came to knowledge that i don’t have proper back up of data which caused me to lose some essential files after formatting the drive. Therefore I am here to know, is there any alternate ways to recover the data which is lost from logical partition? Any help will mean a lot to me! Thanks in Advance.

What you have gone through is a hectic stage but you don’t need to worry at all! Yes, with the usage of Partition Recovery Software you can easily retrieve deleted or logical partition in a few simple mouse clicks. This software is designed and developed in such a manner that even novice users can recover logical partition in a simple and effective way.

Features of Partition Recovery Software:

  • This software can be installed and utilized well in major Windows and Mac OS such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks.
  • Partition Recovery Software allows you to retrieve any kind of data such as MP3 albums, video clips, graphical presentations and document files which are deleted or lost from logical partition.
  • With the usage of this reliable tool, you can recover partition data from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 partitions which are lost due to formatting or drive crash.
  • It has the capability to recover lost data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFSX partitions in an easy way.
  • Once the data from lost partition is recovered, user can sort such data on the basis of file name, size, date and file location.
  • Data which is retrieved from lost logical partition can be previewed before storing into any desired location.
  • This powerful tool has the ability to recover partitions from various brands of external hard drives such as Transcend, Seagate, buffalo, Hitachi, WD, etc. without any struggle. To know more about how to recover partitions from external partitions, visit this page:

Where this tool can be utilized?

File System Conversion: You may decide to upgrade file system in order to enjoy advanced features in it. At times, if any interruption occurs while upgrading then there is a possibility for partition to get corrupted thus in turn leads to huge data loss from that partition.

Third Party Utility: There are ample of third party utility which is available on websites to perform re-partitioning or re-formatting. When you try to use these types of pirated software in your system to accomplish partitioning then there are chances for your partition to get harm and deleted due to some malfunctioning.

OS Crash: You may try to re-install OS due to various reasons. While performing this task, if any interruption occurs such as sudden system shut down or system blue screen error then there are high chances for your logical partitions to get deleted or lost.

Whatever may be the reason behind logical partition loss or deletion; by using Partition Recovery Software you can easily recover deleted or lost from logical partition data in a mere amount of time.

Recover Corrupted Partition

I had 2 partitions in my own Windows based computer and this includes 1 logical partition involves all important files; to save files according to my priority I thought we would re-partition the drive. But while re-partitioning the drive, my system got sudden shutdown because of power failure. As soon as the power came, i-restarted my system and tried to get into the drive to check out whether it’s working very good or not. To my misfortune, my partition got corrupted and i lost most my important files from that particular partition which makes me worried. Also, I don’t even have proper backup of my own lost files thus can easily anyone suggest me a prominent tool to recover my corrupted partition? It becomes great pleasure, if someone helps me to overcome out of this hectic state. Thanks upfront!

Indeed! Don’t get stress. We can understand ones inadequate situation but with use of Partition Recovery Software it’s easy to recover files from corrupted partition. This is an advanced tool which is recommended by experts to execute recovery in just a matter of time.

How partition gets damaged?

Partition table holds important info such as file name, creation date, size and also location. If the partition table gets corrupted because of any technical glitches then we have a possibility for partition to get damaged which in turn leads to huge info loss.

Most of the users attempt to re-partition or re-format the drive through the use of third party software utility which is downloaded from unworthy internet websites. At times, this sort of incidence may harm the system and corrupt the partition totally.

Bad sectors will be designed for every improper termination, sudden shutdown and indecent using computer. Thus if more quantity of bad sectors are created on your drive then we have a chance for partition to get corrupted and this kind of incidence makes the info becomes inaccessible.

Above mentioned are some advantages for partition to get corrupted and for those who have come across this style of annoying situation then through the use of Partition Recovery Software you possibly can recover lost files from corrupted partition with the utmost ease.

Where this tool can be utilized?

  • Partition Recovery Software can be perfectly utilized by users to recover files which are misplaced or inaccessible due dangerous or damaged partition.
  • It possesses an ability to recover enormous types of files such as audios, movies, photo gallery, documents and also applications from corrupted partition.
  • By employing this tool user can rescue data which can be lost after formatting or maybe deleting the partition.
  • This software allows user to execute recovery on FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, HFSX, and several other partitions.
  • With use of this utility user can easily recover various brands associated with corrupted partition data for instance Seagate, Sony, Hitachi, Lenovo, and many others.
  • User can type retrieved data on schedule of file name, file date, file size and file location with virtually no struggle.
  • This software can be installed and worked very well in major Windows and Mac Operating-system.
  • Extra Information: If you want to recover files from jvr camcorder then through the use of reliable software you can obtain back easily. To know more about how to heal files from jvr camcorder then head over to: