How to Restore Partition Table on NTFS Drives

NTFS stands for New Technology File System. It is an upgraded version of FAT file system which is used in the latest Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Vista and 7. NTFS file system has uncountable benefits over FAT file system such as high performance and reliable improvements in the hard disk, improved security, improvement in journals, disk defragment tool, volume mount points and etc. But data store on NTFS partition is not at all fully secure. Losing data from NTFS hard drive due to partition table corruption is very common now-a-days. Many Windows users across the world are losing facing this problem.

Are you one of them? Are you worried about how to retrieve files from NTFS HDD after partition table corruption? Your search for finding the optimum solution ends here, with NTFS recovery software you can easily solve out this issue. This is an advance recovery application which is recommended by experts to recover lost files and folders from NTFS hard drives. This utility is designed with special algorithms, which perform a deep scan of the NTFS drive to restore lost files /folders.

We all know that partition table is the most critical part of hard disk drive, which all the details about the partition. Generally it gets corrupted when user shutdown his computer improperly. This improper or abrupt shutdown of the computer occurs due to sudden power surges or due to inappropriate power supply. Any corruption to the partition table will results in file loss from the hard drive. Still, you can recover your lost files using this software which can restore lost files from NTFS drive.

Another most common reason behind the partition table corruption is a virus or malware infection on your NTFS partition/ drive. These viruses either come from external data storage devices or from the internet. Whenever the partition table gets corrupted, it becomes inaccessible and you can’t access a single file from it. This corruption to partition table cause huge data loss to the user. Nevertheless, it is easy to restore files after partition table corruption/missing with the help of NTFS recovery software. This tool also facilitates users to retrieve lost files from external hard drive after partition table corruption in few simple clicks. To know how? Continue reading this…

Formatting a NTFS hard drive is quite common. Before formatting, it is always advised to take proper backup of important files. Sometimes users accidentally format their NTFS hard drive without taking proper backup. Sometimes, while formatting the drive, you may realize that you are formatting a wrong hard drive or partition. You cancel the formatting process in between to correct your mistake. If formatting process cancelled in between, it will not save you from the data loss. Because this interruption in between the formatting process will corrupt the partition table which manages the entire data of the partition. To overcome from this situation make use of this NTFS recovery software.

Even though there are numerous data recovery software available, but NTFS recovery software is the most efficient one. This tool made NTFS recovery as simple as cutting cake. Using this tool you can recover different files such as music and video files, text documents, images files, databases, emails and etc. Recovers lost deleted files/folders from NTFS file systems (NTFS4 & NTFS5) partitions. The utility supports all versions of Window OS such as Windows 2000, 98, XP, Vista, and 7. Click here to find more information about this tool.


This tool is advance hard drive data recovery software which is specially developed for Windows based OS and is capable to restore lost or deleted files from NTFS hard drive. This tool doesn’t require any prior technical knowledge. Even a non-technical person can retrieve lost or deleted files without facing any complications. From here you can try trial version of this tool. If you are happy with the outcome of the trial version, then you can download its licensed version and save your recovered files.



Best Software to Rescue Data from Repartitioned Hard Drive

It has become very common practice nowadays to repartition a hard drive, as hard drive is a storage device used to store files, folders, programs, applications, etc. To defragment a drive the first idea comes in our mind is to perform repartitioning. Meanwhile, if you will repartition a hard drive then it means that you are going to change the file system of hard drive. Have you accidentally repartitioned your hard drive and lost important data? If yes, then don’t get worried as partition rescue software is one of the advanced built in algorithm available in the market, that will allow you to easily get back deleted or lost partition data with utmost ease.

The decision to repartition a hard drive purely depends on the type of file system that you are using. There are times when you need to install more than one operating system on your computer, in such situations you need to partition the hard drive so that memory can be allocated accordingly for appropriate usage of disk space. So, in order to prevent data loss from your system you need to take some precautionary measures such as regularly backup your crucial data and store it in some other external drive.

Reasons for data loss due to repartitioning hard drive:

  • Unintentional deletion: Sometimes when you will try to relocate the free space among partitions will result in deletion of existing partitions. Also, when you will unknowingly delete a partition from Windows Disk management utility leading to data loss.
  • Repartitioning errors: Usually the errors are encountered during file system conversion leading to data loss. Also, partitioning errors are caused when you will try to create new partitions using any third party partitioning tools making data inaccessible.
  • Accidental formatting: If you will knowingly or unknowingly format a wrong drive instead of the need to be done drive will lead to data loss.
  • Virus attacks: Virus attacks are one of the most common causes for data loss. When you will fail to remove viruses using antivirus software, then you will generally format the drive to get rid of viruses. But, formatting the whole drive will not only remove viruses along with them all the stored data get lost completely.
  • Corruption of partition: There are more chances that you will lose your important crucial data if the partition gets corrupted while trying to make dual OS boot installation, due to sudden power failure, system error, etc.

Whatever might be the reason for data loss after repartitioning hard drive, just because of your mere carelessness you cannot take a risk of losing an important data. So, to overcome this nightmare you need to make use of partition rescue utility to regain data from a partitioned drive that becomes inaccessible due to catalog file corruption, improper system shutdown, resizing a partition, etc with ease. This is one of the powerful tools to get back data from missing partitions, formatted partitions, reformatted partitions and repartitioned drives with ease. With the help of this algorithm you can easily rescue data from partitioned hard drive of different types such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc of different popular manufacturing brands like Transcend, Kingston, Toshiba, Sea gate, etc at your finger tips. With the help of this award winning tool you can redeem 300 different files such as photos, video, audio, documents, spreadsheets, etc. This software is capable to get back data from hard drive possessing bad sectors by creating disk images.

Now, it has become far more possible from this software to easily rescue data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS+, HFSX partitions. This tool is having the ability to reclaim data from RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 partitions that has been formatted or deleted. This trusted tool has proved its ability to redeem data from both Windows 2000, 2003, 2007, XP, etc and Mac OS X, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc. To know more about how to regain data from severely corrupted partition then make use of partition rescue software with great ease.

This software is available in demo version, so that you can download and check the partition rescue results. Initially, run the application after quick and single scan where the deleted and lost partition data can be redeemed and put on a view. In order to access the reclaimed partitioned data then you need to purchase the complete version of partition rescue algorithm.

Complete Solution to Recover Damaged Partitions

Partitioning a hard drive means logically dividing it into two or more sections. Generally, these partitions are named as C, D, E, F etc. Always drive C is used store Operating System and other application. Remaining partitions are used to save valuable data. Because of disk partition it is possible to install dual Operating Systems on Computer. For example your system is installed with Windows Operating System and has two partitions such as C and D. if you want to install another OS like Ubuntu, then you have to divide existing D: Drive into two partitions to install that OS.

User may have different size and number of HDD partitions, which is depends on their requirements. These drives help to arrange data on hard disk drive effectively. In some scenario these disk partitions prone to corruption, due to HD malfunction or human mistakes. You may face HD drive damage due to virus or malware infection, Master Boot Record corruption, variations in BIOS settings, interruptions while converting file system such as improper system shutdown or power supply failure or OS crash, etc. Then there is no necessity to depress, if you unable to restore damaged or corrupted partitions. Because you have reliable Damaged Partition Recovery tool for this task. This application provides instant results, use following link to get this utility:

Some other events which cause partition corruption:

  • If you trying to install dual operating systems or upgrading OS, then there is a possibility of partition damage. This is due to error or interruption or missing of some supporting files during installation process.
  • User has a choice to change file system of a partition as per their requirements. If you not follow proper steps during this process, it may end up with corrupted partition.
  • You can also repartition drives, during this process if you face any interruption like power surge or abnormal system shut down, then that partition becomes inaccessible due to corruption.
  • If your system infected severely by strong virus or malware, then you may observe blue screen dumpling and system halts abruptly. This results into inaccessibility of systems partitions.

 Follow some precautionary measures to avoid partition damage:

  • Avoid usage of unauthenticated third party tools to repartition the existing drives.
  • Use updated antivirus software to save system from virus or malware attack.
  • Make use of external power supply that is UPS connection during installation of dual OS, resizing the partition, converting file system, etc.
  • It is advised to maintain backup of essential data using external hard drives, to restore data when you face corrupted drives or missing files by accidental format.

This software has been designed with latest technology and modules, which supports to retrieve damaged or corrupted partitions or volumes on both Windows and Mac OS. It can restore more than 280 file types. Its advanced recovery engine made possible to rescue lost or deleted or missing partitions within few simple steps. It is developed to regain partition data from various storage devices such as hard disk, external USB hard drive, flash memory cards, Fire Wire devices, and so on.

If you find difficulty to recover missing partition on Personal Computer, this application becomes best solution to restore missing or deleted drives due to accidental deletion of partition or formatting unintended drive during repartition. This tool is flexible with all versions of Windows Operating System. This software rescue documents, images, music files and videos etc. This software is works well with Mac series of OS also. It provides chance to save all recovered data to CD / DVD or to any available drives of your Personal Computer. This software provides simple, friendly interface to user, thus no need to have any prior knowledge while operating this utility.

You have a facility to download demo version of Partition Recovery tool before buying it. This tool scans entire system drives or external HDD and provides preview of files stored on particular drive in few steps. Demo form has restricted functionality, thus it does not allow saving displayed files. By using demo version you can estimate the efficiency of the software. If you have damaged or corrupted partitions then own licensed version to retrieve them.


Software to restore Mac partition data

Hard drives one every system will be partitioned into isolated partitions that increases the system performance and also the drive performance. Partitions on Mac system are called as Mac volumes. The Macintosh system has very outstanding features and utilities that make the users to use this OS instead of Windows OS. This Macintosh OS developed by Apple Inc. is compatible only with Apple computers.

Before using a hard disk on any system, users are practiced of dividing it into several partitions that improves data management and maximizes the usage of drive space. Also, this practice of partitioning will prevent the loss of data. But while using the Mac system there occur the situations wherein the file in Mac is lost, mistakenly deleted, or missing. So do the partition. The Mac partition may also undergo such disasters of losing data files saved on it. Assume that you had accidentally deleted a complete partition while moving it to another storage device. This mistake of you had lead to extreme data loss from Mac system. So if you are worried about how to restore the lost partition data then continue reading this. Data loss can occur from the most outstanding and remarkable utilities of Mac system. One of such utility is Apple Time Machine. This is a backup utility introduced by Apple and comes along with Mac operating system. It takes backups of the previous edited data like for past 24 hours it hourly takes the backup; for past month it takes weekly backup. But data can be lost from this backup utility also because any severe technical errors in the application. Few more such data loss situations on Mac are:

  • Hard drive crash – If the hard drive is severely damaged by virus or affected by presence of bad sectors, then the data becomes inaccessible and gradually the hard drive crashes which result in loss of all partition data present on the drive.
  • Installing multiple OS on a single system – Most of the users are convenient in using multiple operating systems on a single system. So while installing the operating systems, the process might compel you to perform formatting of any partition having important data. You won’t be having any option instead of formatting and thus end up in data loss.
  • Re-partitioning – The re-partitioning is to re-organize the memory space of each current partitions. This should be performed with careful steps; else occurrence of any mistakes will lead to deletion of Partitions.
  • Apple partition Map – This utility on every Mac hard drive will hold the crucial information of all the partitions and without this the data on a partition could not be accessed. If the files pertaining to this Partition Map are damaged then it can damage any of the partitions, hence resulting in data loss

In all these situations you may think ‘Is there any way for damaged partition recovery or to restore lost partition data?’ Yes, you can do so with the help of this recover utility, This utility has the ability to restore partition data from Mac systems with ease.  And also you can effectively use this recovery program to recover files from partition after time machine crashes. In order to recover partition data lost due to partition damage then try with the tool given here, It ultimately helps in regaining the lost partition data on Mac system. The various features of these ultimate utilities can be mentioned below:

  • Retrieves the lost and deleted partition data on various hard drives like SATA, SCSI, ATA, etc. on Mac systems
  • Completely restores all data types like files, folders, documents, compressed files, media files that include pictures, music and videos with ease
  • You can get back accidentally deleted partition data from hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, etc.
  • Partition having different file systems like HFS and FAT can be restored with very few clicks of the mouse
  • Also you can get back corrupt partition data lost because of Time Machine crash using this utility

The software lets you to recover all the data files lost from Mac hard drives on various Mac OS like Snow Leopard, Leopard and Lion. You can make use of these utilities to regain the lost partition and you can practically know the recovery process with the help of demo version. To download the demo software visit any of the URLs mentioned above.

Simplest Way Recover Accidentally Removed NTFS Partition

NTFS stands for new technology file system. It is a journal file system developed by Microsoft Corporation for Windows operating system. NTFS file system comes after FAT file system. This file system has countless improvements over FAT file system like improved support for metadata, improved data structures, reliability and disk space utilization. The NTFS disk partitioning is suitable for making multiple partitions on system hard disk. Users can store important files like images, database tables, pictures, texts and labels. Even after having these many advanced features still data loss from a NTFS drive is common and can happen repeatedly, among Windows users.

Losing years of hard work by deleting a NTFS partition due to own mistake, leads to a big disappointment. Little mistake takes you away from important data. If that partition contains your family pictures and assorted music and videos can make you feel just like hell. At such situations so many question arises in users minds like is there any way to get that deleted partition back? Is recovery is possible?

To answer all these common queries I want to highlight on one fact, this will clear all your doubts. At the time you delete a partition from your computer, the OS only remove the files pointer of that partition files. This means that the deleted files are still present somewhere in drive. You just lost the way to access those files. Using suitable recovery tool you can easily recover them back. For additional info click here

Before initiating data recovery process, have a look at situations due to which you may lose your NTFS partitions. Most of the time while using Windows Disk Management Utility user accidentally delete their existing partition. Sometime, user ends with formatting partitions when he tries to install or upgrade Windows operating system on his computer. Any interruption in creating new partitions from existing partition while installing operating system can lead to deletion of partition. These deleted NTFS partition can be recovered back if you use Windows partition recovery software.

Disk Management Utility facilitates users to resize hard drive partitions. Users can expand and shrink the existing partitions with this utility. Any interruption during resizing or merging hard drive partitions can result in partition deletion. In addition to this deletion of partition due to virus infection is another most common scenario faced by users. Generally users delete or format NTFS partitions, it gets corrupt due to virus infection. These viruses corrupt the partition table and modify its content.

In case you come across with any of the above discussed scenarios, without wasting more time immediately go for Windows partition recovery tool. This tool comes with special scanning algorithms, which retrieves videos, images, audios, word documents along with more than 300 popular file types from bad sectors of hard drive partitions. Even though, there are numerous data recovery software’s present in market, but Windows partition recovery tool is the most efficient one. Using this tool user can recover different files such as music and video files, images files, text documents, databases, emails and etc. This application can recovers lost deleted files from NTFS file systems (NTFS4 & NTFS5) partitions. The supports all major versions of Window operating system such as Windows 2000, 98, XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Navigate to this website to know more

It is the finest tool to recover deleted NTFS partition on Windows based PC. This application easily recovers files from a NTFS partition which was either deleted or formatted. It recovers files from all the different types of portable devices such as pen drives, thumb drives, memory cards, memory stick and etc. It trial version is also there. So if you want to find out the probability of recovery then first trial version of this tool first. Software manual will narrate you in using the tool. If the output of trial version is as per your expectation then get the licensed version of this tool to save recovered partition data.

Learn How to Retrieve File from Formatted FAT Partition

Have you ever been in a situation where you accidentally formatted your FAT partition and still hunting for a way to recover files from that formatted partition? Then No need to worry, the most important thing you need to do at such situation is immediately stop adding files on the formatted partition. If you follow this then, by using third party it is very simple to recover formatted files.

Now the question arises how is it possible? Answer: Whenever you perform a format operation on a partition or a drive, the Windows OS just deletes all the reference pointers of those corresponding files from the file system. And you lost the way to access those files. But luckily file from these formatted partitions can be recovered with the aid of proficient formatted partition recovery software.

Users generally format their partition using two ways one is formatting the partition to the same file system for example FAT to FAT is called simple formatting. And another one is formatting the partition to other file system like from FAT to NTFS is called as re-formatting.

Some common reasons due to which users need to format their FAT partition:

  • Sometimes, the computer fails to boot due to registry error. In this case users left with only one option and that is formatting.
  • Usually users format their drive or partition to enhance or speed up the system performance. If a drive is full it will reduce the speed of the system.
  • Many time to sort out errors in the hard disk, users format their hard disk partition. Generally these errors occur due to virus or malware infection.
  • Upgrading the system from one OS to another OS is one of the main reasons people format their hard disk.

How to handle these critical scenarios?

As mentioned above file from these formatted partition can be recovered, Formatted partition recovery tool is one of the best solution to recover your files after formatting. The tool uses special inbuilt algorithms to recover not only formatted files, but also deleted and missing partition. The software is the only answer for the question, “How to restore data formatted FAT partition”.  For more hints look here

Have look on some striking features of the software:

  • The most outstanding feature of the tool is that, it has the ability to create disk images of the complete hard drive having bad sectors.
  • It supports recovery from various hard drive interfaces such as SAS, IDE, SATA and many more
  • Using this tool you can recover files from many storage devices such as memory cards, external hard disk, pen drives, iPods, music players etc.
  • This supports FAT16, NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+ and HFSX file systems.
  • It is easy to install the software on all the latest Windows or Mac OS for example Windows server 2008/ Windows 7/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows server 2003/ Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6/ and Mac OS X 10.7. Investigate this site to know more

Way to use this tool to recover files from formatted partition

Download and install formatted partition recovery software to your PC. Run the software and follow the main screen steps. Choose formatted / reformatted recovery option to retrieve your data from formatted partition. Software will scans and shows all the logical and physical drives on your computer. Choose the formatted drive and click on next button. This tool will scan the entire selected partition and displays all the retrievable files from that formatted partition. Select the files which are to be recovered. Choose the destination, to save your rescued files. The tool even allows you to save the data to any external storage devices.


  • Don’t save the recovered files on the same FAT partition, from where you are recovering it.
  • Don’t install the software on the formatted partition.
  • Take help of software manual while using the tool.