Recover Data from Unformatted Hard Drive On Windows 10

“Hi, I have the important documents, rare live shows and the game saved copies stored on my hard drive. Today, I cannot access the files; I do not know to recover data from a unformatted hard drive on Windows 10. Can anyone recommend me that can recover data from a unformatted hard drive on Windows 10?Please help !”

Here is the software application allowing the user to recover data from formatted hard drive on Windows 10 in a swift and convenient manner.

The Recover Windows is the integrated, user-friendly recovery tool which allows recovery of data with a few clicks. The software is compatible with the various versions of Windows including the latest version Windows 10.
The software employs advanced deep scanning mechanisms to recover the files with ease and employs its advanced recovery algorithms to recover the files effortlessly. It can recover data from NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, FAFT16 and FAT 32 files systems. It displays the recovered data in an organized manner. The files can also be viewed based on two factors the file extensions using the File Type view and the Data View displays them in a hierarchical format. It can recover from bad sectors of the drive by creating a disk image which can be used in the future to perform recovery. This ensures that the original corrupted files are kept secured as the recovery is performed on the disk image copy.
The Find tool enables the user to reach out for a particular file and shrinking the area of search on the basis of name, date, extension and size.
The files can be recovered as per the selection of the user incorporating Selective Recovery. This reduces the time elapsed as the system searches for the desired files.

Why Recover Windows?
The Save Recovery Session empowers the user to pause and save the progress of the recovery process. This feature allows the user to cause and continue from the instant the user left off which saves time elapsed.
The Open recovery session enables the user to access the recovered files and resuming the recovery process which saves time and also increases the performance.
The First Try then Buy feature entitles the user to firstly download the Free version available on the web. Install the software and navigate through the recovery process. The user can view the restored files using the Preview tool, but saving them to their folders requires the upgrading to the Pro version. The Pro version entitles the user with additional and advanced features.

Reasons resulting in loss of data
• Virus and malware pose a constant threat to the security of the files. Infliction of the virus can render the files inaccessible; the display language may change or may even result in corruption of the entire drive.
• The presence of too many bad sectors corrupts the drive rendering them inaccessible. The files residing in the bad sector of the hard drive can result in corrupted files.
• Upgrading the files systems too frequently can cause file corruption or may even lead to hard drive damage.
• Storing malicious content from unauthorized websites can download malicious files which can result in corrupted hard drive.
• Mishandling of data can cause the files to get inaccessible and also render corrupted hard drive.