Simple Ways to Recover Maxtor External Hard Drive

Hello, I am using Maxtor hard drive from past 1 year to store and backup much needed files such as applications, pictures, documents, bank details, music albums, video clips, movies, etc. and today evening, I connected my external hdd to my Windows 8 system to copy some of my imperative files from it. After selecting file folders, I accidentally deleted those folders instead of pressing “copy” option which made me to lose some of my important files from it. I don’t know what to do now, can anyone assist me to find out efficient tool to recover my files. Any kind of help will be highly appreciated, Thanks!

Of course! Don’t worry because you are at right spot. Deleting or losing the files from hard disk has become common these days but by using External Hard Drive Recovery you can recover files from Maxtor hard drive which are lost or deleted due to various reasons mentioned below.

Scenarios responsible for loss or deletion of file on Maxtor hard drive:

  • Improper File Transfer: You may decide to transfer files from Maxtor hard drive to system or vice-versa. While performing this task, if you remove the data cable unknowingly then there is a chance for files to get lost.
  • Anti-Virus Utility: If your system is protected with anti-virus utility, it will start to scan the Maxtor hard drive automatically whenever it is connected to your system. Once the scanning process is over, it might remove your imperative files as a threat of virus infection.
  • Formatting: Formatting the external hard drive can be done knowingly or unknowingly but once it is done, it will make the existing files unreachable without any notification.

Apart from above stated scenarios there are other reasons such as abrupt shutdown of device, hard drive crash, file system corruption, etc. can also lead to loss or deletion of file on Maxtor hard drive but by using External Hard Drive Recovery Software it can be retrieved very easily.

Features of External Hard Drive Recovery Software:

External Hard Drive Recovery Software is an appropriate tool suggested by industry professionals to retrieve lost or deleted from Maxtor hard drive and this software has any ability to recover any kind of files such as audios, videos, password protected files, images, videos, etc. It has a capability to retrieve data which is lost from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT partitions and also from flash drive, memory cards, iPods, etc. Apart from Maxtor external hard drive; this software can perform recovery on various brand of hard drive such as Toshiba, Seagate, WD, Sony, Samsung, Hitachi and many others. This reliable tool can sort restored data on the basis of date, name, size and file location and demo version of this software itself allows user to preview recovered files before storing into any desired location. If your files got inaccessible due to corrupted partition then you can recover it by using sufficient software. To know more about how to recover files from corrupted partition, then visit this link: