Software to Recover Data from exFAT Drive

As we all know that file system plays an important role in the world of computers and storage drives. It keeps the track of entire files like file name, file size, file creation and modified date, etc. and provides a logical way of storing and organizing your files for  easy retrieval. All the storage drives including memory cards, pen drives, SD cards, etc. will have a file system. On your computer or laptops these files systems will be installed during the OS installation itself and based on the operating systems there are many types of file systems.

exFAT data recoveryExFAT stands for Extended File Allocation Table which is nothing but the latest and advanced file system from Microsoft for their desktop OS Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows Vista.  ExFAT file system has been developed mainly for flash drives. If you have an external flash drive, memory cards, thumb drives, etc. the ExFAT file system is the right choice. It holds so many attractive features which were not supported by FAT and NTFS file systems. Sometimes you might come across the situation like corruption of your file system and you have to face data loss situations.

Have you ever come across such type of data loss scenarios? If yes, then you stepped in right place. No matter how the data gets deleted or lost from ExFAT file system, you can easily perform exFAT recovery and recover the data with the help of most reliable and 100% trustworthy software called ExFAT Data Recovery software.

Common scenarios behind the deletion or loss of data from ExFAT drive:

Sometimes while converting the file systems of Windows hard drive if any sort of unwanted disturbances occurs like improper ejection of external hard drive, abrupt system shutdown, sudden power surges, etc. then it results in data loss from it. Accidental deletion is one of the main scenarios behind the deletion of data i.e. while deleting unwanted files from ExFAT partition user may accidentally delete some important files. Data loss also happens due to the corruption of the file system. Unintentional formatting is also one of the main cause which results in entire data loss i.e. while formatting some other drive user might accidentally select ExFAT file system and hit format option. Sometimes while transferring the files from external hard drive to systems hard drive and vice versa if any interruption takes place then it leads to the loss of files from ExFAT partition. Some other factors like bypassing recycle bin, hard drive crash, hardware issues, using the same external drive on different devices, etc. also results in deletion or loss of files from ExFAT.

Salient Features of ExFAT Data Recovery Software:

This software supports the recovery of deleted or lost data and files from the ExFAT file system. It consists of an advanced inbuilt scanning algorithm which performs the quick scan of entire drive and recovers the data with few mouse clicks.  It is also used for recovering data and files even from different file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, etc. This application easily recovers deleted or lost data from even corrupted, formatted and reformatted ExFAT file system partition. This reliable recovers data not only for ExFAT file system but also used for retrieving data and files from various storage drives like USB flash drives, external hard drives, memory cards, memory sticks, thumb drives, etc. This software also recovers deleted files from ExFAT file system like audio, video, images, MS Office Word, Excel, documents, etc. It consists of a preview which enables the user to have a preview of recovered files before going to restore them.