Tips and Tricks to Save Android Phone Battery Life

Ending up with low battery problems at the time of using the smartphones will cause frustration to anyone. This is a quite common scenario with all the powerful pocket-sized electronic devices as we depend on these devices for entertainment purpose and to keep us connected, etc. there are so many reasons for the falling of android device stamina. Here let me explain one small incident that has happened to me so that it helps for someone who comes across the similar situation.Recently I purchased Nexus 6P smartphone while my wife purchased new shiny Nexus 5X. I would spend a fair amount of time on these devices and I also have a pretty good idea about battery life as I reviewed them already. But after some days, we found that something seemed very off i.e. we were both running into low energy or battery zone in the mid-evening hours and I don’t understand what’s wrong with these Nexus 5X and nexus 6P.

After a long searching for a clue, I found the answer i.e. the power hungry offender was none other than Google photos. Me and my wife usually use and depends on smartphones to capture photos and videos and there lies a problem like we always set our Phones to sync our pictures anytime we were connected to Wi-Fi with no restrictions and this seems to be a sensible setup, as it would make sure that our precious moments were frequently backed up and hence safe from accidental loss and always ready to share. Later I came to know that this is the only issue to which we ran out of battery conditions. The problem is that uploading data to a remote server uses a fair amount of power especially when a large number of photos and videos are involved. Sticking to Wi-Fi only helped us avoid burning through a ton of mobile data but did nothing for our device’s poor weary batteries.

How to fix low battery problem?

Save Android Battery Life

The fixing of low battery problem is quite a simple process. It requires flipping one switch an anonymous little toggle located in the “Backup & sync” section of the Photos app’s settings i.e. I changed the settings to enable the backup of photos and videos only when the charger is connected. Now we are getting better battery life. So if your battery life seems to very poor and you are using photos to backup camera content then I would strongly recommend you to enable this setting.