Ultimate Tool to Restore Partition on Mac

Have you ever accidentally formatted partition on Mac HDD? Are you tensed to get back data from formatted partition on Mac computer? If your answer is yes, then, don’t be panic. There is a powerful solution to rescue data from system hard disk. By using lost partition recovery software you can easily recover lost partition on various Mac machines for example iMac, MacBook, MacBook Air, etc.

Mac OS is most popular OS for its advance features and security. There is various unknown reason which causes to loss of data from Mac volumes for example file system corruption, formatting or reformatting the volume, header corruption, etc. After losing data, majority of users believe that once you lost data then it is highly impossible to restore them back they are gone forever. However, the real truth of this technology is that once you lose files from the storage drive due to any circumstances then it just erase the entry from allocation address table and shows free space to save new data. The original data will remain on the hard drive unless you overwrite lost files with new data. With the help of this advance utility you can easily retrieve lost partition.

Some precaution to prevent data loss:

  • Immediately after deleting any volume stops working on system hard drive, if you really want to restore lost files.
  • Always prefer to have backup on some other external storage drive.
  • Make sure that whenever you select any third party recovery software that should be read only software which doesn’t affect the original content.


  • Sometimes user made mistakes and unintentionally erase Mac volume. When user wants to delete volume from Mac HDD, at that time user select wrong volume from disk utility and then you will lose crucial files containing important information.
  • Volume header contains the complete information about the stored data inside the volume and also keeps record of free space on partitions. Suppose while working on PC, if your system turns off then it may damage the volume header then you will lose the accessibility of volume.
  • The most common scenario is formatting or reformatting where end user lose data completely from HDD. Formatting is done with the aim of deleting whole stored information in it, if users unintentionally format wrong volume containing vital files then data will be deleted from the volume within few seconds. If users have backup then it is not a problem. But if they don’t have any backup then it will be shock for the user.

Prominent features:

  • This advance utility can easily perform lost partition recovery task on various Mac OS such as Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mac OS X, etc.
  • In addition, it can retrieve files from numerous types of hard disk drive for example ATA, SATA, IDE, SCSI, etc. on Mac as well as all versions of Windows OS.
  • It supports recovery of different types of files and sorts based on their size, name, types, file extension and so forth.