Recovery of NTFS

NTFS stands for New Technology Files System this file was developed by Microsoft Corporation. Prior to this FAT file system was most widely used. NTFS is one of the default file systems for a family of Windows NT, this file system is used in Windows XP, Vista, 2008, 2003, 2000, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10. It is one of the advanced and reliable file systems which has some important features like data integrity and it has a capability of encrypting files and folders to protect important and sensitive data files.

Beside of being so popular and advanced, there exists some possible problems were in you can lose your NTFS partitions, let us see those scenarios.

Accidental formatting of NTFS partitions: sometimes while formatting C drive you might accidentally format the other drives like D drive or E drive, by doing so you will lose those partitions as well as the data present in it.

Corrupted partitions: there are chances of your NTFS partitions getting corrupted, this corruption happens due to many reasons like bad sectors, virus infection, sudden computer booting etc.

Improper Partitioning: Partitioning means dividing hard drive into different sectors, partitioning of a hard drive is made to access the data easily, during partitioning one should be careful otherwise there are chances of NTFS partitions getting corrupted.

Re-partitioning: consider a case where you re-install your operating system while reinstalling if you re-partition your hard disk, then existing partitions are lost and simultaneously the data present in it is also lost.

After losing the partition you may get panic and search a solution. But you don’t have to panic because you can successfully recover lost NTFS partition in a very simple manner, by using awesome NTFS recovery software, which can help you to recover your lost partition.

Some outstanding features of the software are mentioned below:

  • This software has the capability of recovering your lost NTFS partition successfully in a very lean time.
  • By using this software you can recover lost partitions from various types of hard disks like (SATA / SCSI / IDE / SSD etc) as well as from external USB drives.
  • With help of this application, you recover the deleted, lost, formatted or reformatted NTFS partitions effectively.
  • It is NTFS recovery application that scans the entire drive of yours, to recover lost or deleted partitions within minutes.
  • Even after the re-installation of an operating system, you can recover lost or deleted partitions.
  • After scanning the hard drive, you can save the recovery session, so that it is possible for you, to restore partitions later when it is needed for you.
  • If you are Mac OS user then there is a Separate tool available which can recover lost or deleted HFS+ and HFSX formatted volumes.

If you want to test the software, you can download the demo version of software from our website and install it on to your computer, and evaluate the recovery chances. If you feel it is a useful and worthy product, then you can purchase the licensed version of above told application.

How to Restore NTFS Partition

All the files on the system will be stored on the hard drive which is an integral part of the Windows operating system. Hard drives can be divided into many partitions to maintain the data effectively. Data is stored in the form of the different file system and the file system is used to manage these files on the system hard drive. The generally NTFS file system is used by the Windows OS in recent days as it overcomes the limitations of the FAT file system. This new file system in use on the latest versions of Windows operating system like Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, etc.

Sometimes you might have come across the data loss scenarios by which you lost crucial files stored on it. In order to explain the loss of files let us consider one of the scenarios like you connect an external hard drive on the system to copy some of the files from system hard drive to the external storage device. While accessing the particular drive you select format option accidentally. As soon as you come to know that you committed a mistake you suddenly stopped using the external drive. The important thing is that the partition which you formatted has deleted all the crucial files and folder stored on it. If it is the situation then don’t be panic make use of the best recovery software that restores all the deleted files from the system hard drive. Learn more here -how to restore deleted files as it also supports to restore NTFS partition effectively on the system hard drive.

Some of the other reasons for deletion of data are mentioned below

  • Deletion of partition during re-installation: While reinstalling the operating system you get a choice to format the partition of your choice. If you choose the wrong partition without taking the back up of the essential files then it will lead to deletion of crucial files stored on the particular drive.
  • Unintentional deletion of partition: While deleting some of the unwanted files from the hard drive partition sometimes you might have selected an important file which results in deletion of files from the specific partition.
  • Cut and Paste operation: While transferring files from the system hard drive to other storage devices you use cut and paste operation. During this process, if you select delete option after clicking cut option instead of selecting paste operation then the file gets deleted from the specific destination.

If you come across any of these situations then you can easily recover them using partition recovery software. This software is designed and developed by a group of industry experts as it scans the entirely drive completely and restores files on the basis of their unique signature. 

Some of the features of this utility

  • This software recovers files from SATA /SCSI / IDE hard drives, SD, XD, MMC flash memory cards, memory stick, USB external drives, FireWire drives and iPods.
  • By using this software you can recover files from high capacity hard disk drives and recovers files from different varieties of hard drive interfaces like IDE, SATA, and SAS etc.
  • You can browse around this site to know how to retrieve deleted NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, exFAT file system from the system hard drive.
  • This software recovers data on the basis of the date, creation date, extension, size and file name.

This software is available in free demo version to download and check the efficiency of restoring deleted and lost files. You can run the software to perform quick and deep scan where all the deleted and lost files can be restored and then previewed. To access the recovered files you have to purchase the licensed version of this recovery software.

Easy Way of Partition Recovery

To manage a massive amount of important data easily generally we break up our hard disk into different logical parts. Each of this division is called partition. You can use a different partition on your hard disk to store dissimilar data. It helps us to look up a particular type of file easily and efficiently. But, when you are handling with a various partition on a hard disk, there is a chance of huge data loss due to inappropriate usage. In some cases, if you mistakenly deleted wrong partition attempting to delete useless drive or loss important drive due to any reason, it results in severe loss of information. Then what will you do to get back them?

If you are confused about the way to get rid of this problem, no need to worry here is a suitable solution for you. You should choose My Partition Recovery software to bring all your entire partition back in easy steps. Very frequently, we lose our important data due to wrong partition deletion, unexpected loss of partition, hard drive corruption and due to inaccessibility of HDD due to some error. You can use this application in all these cases because it is specially designed to solve all type of deletion or loss scenarios effectively.

Hard disk partition may be deleted when you are attempting to install or re-install the operating system. Besides that, your important drive may also be deleted due to improper use of third party tool to delete a partition. Many times, we select the wrong partition in hurry attempting to delete a useless partition. After that, you will lose intact information with deletion of that logical drive. It may also happen if any corruption has happened in Master File Table. This file contains all information about your existing partitions on the hard drive. Due to corruption in this file, some partitions may vanish surprisingly. In all these circumstances, you can use this restoration utility for partition recovery effortlessly.

In addition, My Partition Recovery tool will also help you to recover entire partition after formatting or corruption of hard drive. You may format any of your essential partitions unintentionally. It especially happens when you are using an external hard disk in your system. The most used external hard disks are Seagate, Wd My Book, Buffalo, Hitachi etc. But no need to worry, this rescue tool supports WD My Book partition recovery as well as all other external hard disks equally. You can also use this application if you cannot access any of your partitions after partitioning error or due to file system corruption.

Irrespective of the reasons behind data loss you can use this hard drive recovery tool to revive complete data. It has so many important features in partition recovery. It scans your entire disk in a few minutes to restore your deleted or lost partition with the original file structure. You can use it to restore FAT, NTFS, HFS, HFSX partition on Windows and Mac. Excluding that, it supports PATA, SATA, SCSI external USB hard drives to restore corrupted and inaccessible partitions also. Recently, I used this tool to recover a lost partition of 90 GB on my system and it restored complete data amazingly. Therefore, I will always suggest you this application for partition recovery as a first choice.

Easiest Way to Recover NTFS Partition

The hard drive of my personal computer has NTFS partitions, in which I had saved some important data. A few weeks back I suddenly lost those NTFS partitions from it, I don’t know how it happened, and what made it get lost. Just because of this awful error I lost entire data from my computer. But later after struggling a lot I got my data back, and you know I also recovered the lost partitions. If you also want to know how I did this miracle then just continue reading these below-mentioned details.

In order to get back lost or deleted NTFS partitions on Windows computer, a best NTFS recovery software is required. NTFS recovery software is nothing but a recovery tool that is specially designed to bring back lost or deleted NTFS partitions. With the help of this amazing NTFS recovery app, one can easily restore data as well as the whole NTFS partition.

Due to these below-mentioned reasons, NTFS partitions get lost from the hard drive of computer:

  • Virus attack: Windows-based computers are more prone for virus attack, harmful viruses easily infect the data stored in it, if they get into your computer they will damage the NTFS partition file system, and causes it to get corrupted, which finally results in loss of NTFS partitions.
  • Unintentionally deleting NTFS partitions: Sometimes unintentionally you may delete an important NTFS partition, after which the important data stored in that deleted NTFS partition gets lost. Hence you need to be very careful while deleting the partition from a hard drive.

If you have lost any of the NTFS partitions from your computer due to these above-mentioned reasons then don’t worry, just avail the help of NTFS recovery tool and get back lost NTFS partition in few minutes.

Following are the most important features of NTFS recovery tool:

  • It’s an effective NTFS partition recovery utility that assists you to get back lost or deleted NTFS partition from various types of hard disk including IDE, SATA, and SCSI etc.
  • It can easily support NTFS partition recovery on all new versions of Windows OS, for instance, Windows Vista, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP etc.
  • By making use of this tool you could also bring back lost or deleted Mac Volumes easily.
  • It’s a graphical user interface NTFS recovery tool which you can be used by anyone without any type of technical assistance.
  • It’s the best tool using which you can recover RAW NTFS partitions easily.
  • This NTFS partition recovery software has been designed by highly expert software developers.
  • With the help of this software, you will be able to restore lost or deleted partitions from external hard disk.
  • This application has the ability to recover lost or deleted data from different types of storage devices such as CF cards, SD cards, Flash drives, FireWire drives etc. Apart from these, NTFS recovery tool includes a lot of other benefiting capabilities.

Try the demo version of above told recovery software if you feel it’s helpful to then purchase the licensed version of it.

NTFS partition recovery tool

NTFS is a file system used in Windows PC. This file system was developed by Microsoft Corporation. It was first developed for Windows NT, now it is been used in all the latest Windows operating system, the full form of NTFS is New Technology File System. The performance of this file system is considerably high; besides of this it has several other properties like self-healing, data integrity etc, it can facilitate you to encrypt your sensitive files and folders. Hence it is a reliable file system.

But at times it happens that you will lose this NTFS partition or data present in it or sometimes it happens that you will delete NTFS partition by mistake.

Assume that you have kept some important data into your NTFS partition, and by mistake deleted all the data present in it then definitely you have to confront severe data loss problem.

But now the trend has got changed and there is a recovery tool, which has the potential of recovering the NTFS partition without making you strive regarding it.

The NTFS partition recovery tool has a lot of benefiting features, by using which you can easily perform NTFS recovery. Before introducing the prominent features of NTFS recovery tool, let us begin with some reasons that influence loss NTFS partition out of Windows PC.

Scenarios of losing NTFS partition:

  • Repartitioning of NTFS partition: assume that you want to re-install the operating system on your computer, in order to re-install if you repartition the hard drive of your Windows PC then you will lose the partitions and data present in existing NTFS partition
  • Corruption of NTFS partition: in case if the NTFS partition gets corrupted then you will lose the access to the data present in your NTFS partition, there are many reasons for the NTFS partition to get corrupted among them virus infection, sudden booting of computer and presence of bad sectors on the hard drive are the main.

Whatever may be the reason you don’t have to panic at all because the NTFS partition recovery tool can easily get back your lost or deleted data from the partition of NTFS.

The outstanding features of NTFS partition recovery tool are mentioned below:

  • This recovery tool has the ability to restore lost or deleted data from NTFS partitions effectively
  • By using this NTFS recovery tool you can easily restore data that has been formatted from NTFS partition
  • More than 300 file types can be recovered by using this NTFS recovery tool
  • If you have reinstalled the operating system on your computer and while reinstalling if you have lost your vital data then use this recovery tool to get it back
  • With the help of this tool, you can recover lost or deleted media files from NTFS partition
  • The files which you have deleted by pressing shift+del can also be recovered by using this recovery tool

Follow these simple steps to recover your lost or deleted data from NTFS partition:

Download the free demo version of this NTFS recovery tool from our website=> install the same on your Windows PC => run the application=> follow the proper screen steps and perform recovery of the lost or deleted data from your NTFS partition => if you feel comfortable working with the software then purchase the licensed version of same application.

Best Program for Recovery of Deleted FAT Partition

FAT is abbreviated as File Allocation Table. FAT is a cluster-based file system. It is still used by many of flash memory media storage devices like pen drive, thumb drive, memory card, memory stick, iPod, MP3 players and others. This FAT can support up to 2TB of memory and is universally supported by all operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac. All the data on a FAT system is indexed as a “directory entry”, and all the information is recorded on it, such as file name, file’s starting cluster and the size of the file, etc.

But unfortunately, sometimes you might have come across deletion issue with this FAT partition. If you have deleted FAT partition then it is not possible to get the files that are preserved on it.  Some of you might be thinking that after deletion of FAT partition, it is lost forever. But the real fact is that when the FAT partition is deleted, only the “directory entry” of the file has been marked as deleted. Therefore if you want to restore deleted FAT partition then the only thing you must to do is find the “directory entry” of the deleted file, then you’ll get your deleted partition.

If you want to regain deleted FAT partition then rescue deleted is one of the stupendous solutions. By utilizing this highly preferred rescue deleted software, you can easily recover deleted FAT partition in few clicks. This utility is set up using robust features and recovery techniques that can easily restore deleted FAT partition without facing any difficulty.

Sometimes you might end up deleting entire FAT partition containing valuable files in some unfriendly circumstances. Now let us discuss some of the scenarios that tend to delete the FAT partition

  • While resizing hard drive partition, by mistake you may delete the FAT partition that has stored all your fundamental files.
  • Sometimes you could even reformat your FAT partition with a NTFS file system, this leads to deletion of valuable files from FAT partition.
  • Malware infection to a single file can assail the entire file system thus resulting in partition corruption. Because of this, you will have to delete your FAT partition to avoid further infection to other partitions.
  • Employing insecurthird-partyty program for repartition existing drive can also lead to deletion of FAT partition.
  • While reinstallation or up gradation of OS, you might delete FAT partition unintentionally.

Are you struck up with all these issues and thinking on how to restore deleted FAT partition? Rescue deleted toolkit offers you an ultimate answer on how to rescue deleted FAT partition in few minutes.

Some of the important attributes of rescue deleted tool

Rescue deleted has an ability to restore deleted partition data from corrupt or inaccessible partitions or Mac volumes that do not mount. Now it is possible to restore deleted FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS+, HFSX formatted partitions or drives with the support of this rescue partition tool. Easily restores deleted Mac volumes from iMac, Mac Book, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro etc. Therefore you can easily execute Mac HFS partition recovery process with the support of this rescue partition tool. It has an ability to restore files from SATA / SCSI / IDE / SSD hard drives, FireWire drives and USB external drives with utmost ease.

Learn How to Retrieve File from Formatted FAT Partition

Have you ever been in a situation where you accidentally formatted your FAT partition and still hunting for a way to recover files from that formatted partition? Then No need to worry, the most important thing you need to do in such situation is immediately stopping adding files on the formatted partition. If you follow this then, by using the third party it is very simple to recover formatted files.

Now the question arises how is it possible? Answer: Whenever you perform a format operation on a partition or a drive, the Windows OS just deletes all the reference pointers of those corresponding files from the file system. And you lost the way to access those files. But luckily file from these formatted partitions can be recovered with the aid of proficient formatted partition recovery software.

Users generally format their partition using two ways one is formatting the partition to the same file system for example FAT to FAT is called simple formatting. And another one is formatting the partition to another file system like from FAT to NTFS is called as re-formatting.

Some common reasons due to which users need to format their FAT partition:

  • Sometimes, the computer fails to boot due to registry error. In this case, users left with only one option and that is formatting.
  • Usually, users format their drive or partition to enhance or speed up the system performance. If a drive is full it will reduce the speed of the system.
  • Many time to sort out errors in the hard disk, users format their hard disk partition. Generally, these errors occur due to virus or malware infection.
  • Upgrading the system from one OS to another OS is one of the main reasons people format their hard disk.

How to handle these critical scenarios?

As mentioned above file from this formatted partition can be recovered, Formatted partition recovery tool is one of the best solutions to recover your files after formatting. The tool uses special inbuilt algorithms to recover not only formatted files but also deleted and missing partition. The software is the only answer to the question, “How to restore data formatted FAT partition”.  For more hints look here

Have look at some striking features of the software:

  • The most outstanding feature of the tool is that it has the ability to create disk images of the complete hard drive having bad sectors.
  • It supports recovery from various hard drive interfaces such as SAS, IDE, SATA and many more
  • Using this tool you can recover files from many storage devices such as memory cards, external hard disk, pen drives, iPods, music players etc.
  • This supports FAT16, NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+ and HFSX file systems.
  • It is easy to install the software on all the latest Windows or Mac OS for example Windows server 2008/  Windows 10/ Windows 8/Windows 7/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows server 2003/ Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6/ and Mac OS X 10.7 till the latest High Sierra. Investigate this site to know more

Way to use this tool to recover files from formatted partition

Download and install formatted partition recovery software to your PC. Run the software and follow the main screen steps. Choose formatted / reformatted recovery option to retrieve your data from formatted partition. The software will scan and shows all the logical and physical drives on your computer. Choose the formatted drive and click on next button. This tool will scan the entire selected partition and displays all the retrievable files from that formatted partition. Select the files which are to be recovered. Choose the destination, to save your rescued files. The tool even allows you to save the data to an external storage device.


  • Don’t save the recovered files on the same FAT partition, from where you are recovering it.
  • Don’t install the software on the formatted partition.
  • Take help of software manual while using the tool.

Software to restore Mac partition data

Hard drives one every system will be partitioned into isolated partitions that increases the system performance and also the drive performance. Partitions on Mac system are called as Mac volumes. The Macintosh system has very outstanding features and utilities that make the users use this OS instead of Windows OS. This Macintosh OS developed by Apple Inc. is compatible only with Apple computers.

Before using a hard disk on any system, users are practiced by dividing it into several partitions that improves data management and maximizes the usage of drive space. Also, this practice of partitioning will prevent the loss of data. But while using the Mac system there occur the situations wherein the file in Mac is lost, mistakenly deleted, or missing. So do the partition. The Mac partition may also undergo such disasters of losing data files saved on it. Assume that you had accidentally deleted a complete partition while moving it to another storage device. This mistake of you had lead to extreme data loss from Mac system. So if you are worried about how to restore the lost partition data then continue reading this. Data loss can occur from the most outstanding and remarkable utilities of Mac system. One of such utility is Apple Time Machine. This is a backup utility introduced by Apple and comes along with Mac operating system. It takes backups of the previous edited data like for past 24 hours it hourly takes the backup; for past month it takes weekly backup. But data can be lost from this backup utility also because of any severe technical errors in the application. Few more such data loss situations on Mac are:

  • Hard drive crash – If the hard drive is severely damaged by virus or affected by the presence of bad sectors, then the data becomes inaccessible and gradually the hard drive crashes which result in loss of all partition data present on the drive.
  • Installing multiple OS on a single system – Most of the users are convenient in using multiple operating systems on a single system. So while installing the operating systems, the process might compel you to perform formatting of any partition having important data. You won’t be having any option instead of formatting and thus end up in data loss.
  • Re-partitioning – The re-partitioning is to re-organize the memory space of each current partitions. This should be performed with careful steps; else occurrence of any mistakes will lead to deletion of Partitions.
  • Apple partition Map – This utility on every Mac hard drive will hold the crucial information of all the partitions and without this, the data on a partition could not be accessed. If the files pertaining to this Partition Map are damaged then it can damage any of the partitions, hence resulting in data loss

In all these situations you may think ‘Is there any way for damaged partition recovery or to restore lost partition data?’ Yes, you can do so with the help of Mac Partition Recovery program. This utility has the ability to restore partition data from Mac systems with ease.  And also you can effectively use this recovery program to recover files from partition after time machine crashes. In order to recover partition data lost due to partition damage then try with the tool given here, It ultimately helps in regaining the lost partition data on Mac system. The various features of these ultimate utilities can be mentioned below:

  • Retrieves the lost and deleted partition data on various hard drives like SATA, SCSI, ATA, etc. on Mac systems
  • Completely restores all data types like files, folders, documents, compressed files, media files that include pictures, music and videos with ease
  • You can get back accidentally deleted partition data from hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, etc.
  • A partition having different file systems like HFS and FAT can be restored with very few clicks of the mouse
  • Also, you can get back corrupt partition data lost because of Time Machine crash using this utility

The software lets you recover all the data files lost from Mac hard drives on various Mac OS like High Sierra, EL Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Leopard and Lion. You can make use of these utilities to regain the lost partition and you can practically know the recovery process with the help of demo version. To download the demo software visit any of the URLs mentioned above.

Windows 8 recovery tool

Windows 8 is an operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is the latest version of the operating system developed by them, this extraordinary operating system is used in personal computers, tablets, home and business desktops, laptops etc. this operating system has many improved features that help, its user to interact and work comfortably.

Even though it is a reliable operating system, you cannot avoid losing data from it. If you lose any important data file from your windows 8 operating system then you would get into difficulty. In order to avoid losing data from Windows 8 engineers have developed an application that will help you in getting back your lost files from windows PC.

Common data loss scenarios of windows 8 are mentioned below:

  • Hard drive corruption: hard drives get corrupted because of many reasons like improper system shut down, computer virus infection, abrupt power cut, file system corruption, operating system failure etc. due to the mentioned reasons if your hard drive gets corrupted then you will lose data stored in it
  • Conversion of partition from dynamic to basic: if you convert the partitions of your hard drive from basic to dynamic then probably you won’t lose any data, but if the case is reversed i.e. if you convert the partitions from dynamic to basic then you will lose data from it
  • Accidentally formatting: consider a case that you want to format e-drive of your computer, while formatting by mistake if you select f-drive then definitely you will lose entire data present in f-drive
  • Booting error: this is one more reason for data loss. If a boot error has occurred during reinstalling Windows 8 then the computer will shut down suddenly and you will lose your important data from it

Along with above listed, there are still more reasons for losing data

By using a windows 8 recovery tool you can get back your lost data and this recovery tool has below mentioned important features:

  • By using this application you can recover data from Windows 8 partition successfully
  • It has the ability to restore windows 8 data from any type of hard drive like SATA, SCSI, IDE etc
  • By using this tool you can get back deleted or lost partition from the external hard drive and laptop hard drives on Windows 8
  • This tool has the capacity to recover FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT partitions on Windows 8 operating system
  • A free trial version of this tool is available on the website so that before buying you can test
  • This windows 8 recovery tool scans your entire hard drive in just a few minutes
  • If you have lost your important data while partitioning then with the help of this tool you can get it back
  • By using this application you can recover compressed files from NTFS formatted drives
  • It is an award-winning software so that you can rely upon it

If you wish to recover your lost or deleted data files from windows 8 then you can download and install this application on your system from our website, and run the program. If you successfully complete the recovery process then you can go for a genuine version of the same application.

How to Recover Deleted Data Recovery from FAT32 Partition?

“Hi, am using both Mac and Windows operating system for some official reasons. Yesterday I switched my Windows drive volume from the FAT32 file system to NTFS and partitioned it in order to manage data easily on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Suddenly after conversion, I deleted that entire volume which was in FAT32 file system along with some data. Those data are very important to me. Is there any way to recover deleted FAT32 partition data from my hard drive? If so suggest me, thanking you!

FAT is a very popular and commonly used file system on removable storage devices like USB pen drives, external hard drives, memory cards, iPod etc.

Today all removable gadgets like USB drives, memory sticks, MP3 player, digital cameras & memory cards use FAT32 as their default file system. Sometimes, you may come across some issues i.e. lost/deleted files by mistake. If you think is there any way to recover your FAT32 files, then you’re in a right place. “YES”. If the file system is affected due to some reason then the files saved on the device are likely to be lost. So don’t panic! Data loss won’t be a problem anymore, because you can easily recover deleted FAT32 partition by utilizing a program known as deleted data recovery from FAT32 partition which is designed with advanced searching technology, so that it scans entire hard disk / external storage devices and recovers different types of files like images, audios, videos, presentation, text documents, Outlook files, PDF, text documents etc, in a simple way.

Scenarios in which files get deleted/lost in FAT 32 partitions:

  • Files deleted from FAT32 partitions –If you delete a file accidentally from the Recycle Bin or by using “Shift + Delete” key combination to delete files. In such cases, it is best to make use of this recovery tool to get back your files from the FAT32 partition.
  • Partition corruption: If you are trying to do dual or multi-OS boot installation, the files on that partition may get corrupt causing data loss.
  • Formatted / re-formatted FAT32 partitions – Files on the hard drive with FAT32 file system may get lost when you format the drive by mistake. which leads to losing your files from that partition.
  • Also sometimes your files on the hard drive may get lost while converting from one file to another file system i.e. from FAT to NTFS or vice versa.
  • Files lost after re-partitioning the hard drive – Sometimes when you re-partition your hard drive either by deleting or re-sizing if errors occur during partitioning will make the process incomplete which may result in loss of files from the FAT32 partition.

Reason to choose this data recovery tool:

This tool holds good for its special features like,

  • Recovers data back from formatted FAT partitions even after reinstalling of Windows
  • Based on their unique signatures it identifies and recovers all types of files such as office files, video, audio, photos, and other important file types
  • Recovered data can be arranged on the basis of their name, date, size and file type
  • Also recovers data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExtFAT formatted partitions

This recovery software is non-destructive and read-only software which keeps your data secure and also it is user-friendly in nature hence all types of users can use this software without any problem.