How to Repair Corrupted or Broken AVI Video File?

AVI file is widely used file to save multimedia movies and other videos files. This file type is compatible with both the operating system Windows and Mac. The main benefit of the AVI file is that it holds abstract data interfaces for the multimedia data. If something goes wrong while accessing, transferring process and editing process of AVI file, then AVI files can easily gets damaged or corrupted. Then you will get tensed and starts thinking how to repair AVI video file??? Stop worrying because you can easily repair AVI video file by using video repair tool.

Consider a scenario in which you have important video in AVI file format and you are very busy in watching on your computer. While watching you were getting pop message saying low battery but you just ignored that message and continued watching. After sometime, your computer gets shuts down. When you turn on the computer then you could see that AVI file may be damaged or broken.

Have you heard about a software named Video repair software? This tool is targeted for repairing your damaged or corrupted files video within a few simple steps. With the help of powerful scanning algorithm, it can repair corrupted AVI file by preserving its quality. Before checking the features of this tool, it is good to examine some causes of AVI file corruption.

  • Virus is the one most destructive element, which has the capability to damage the file structure and essential parts of a multimedia file. Suppose, if your AVI file is attacked by deadly viruses then the chances AVI file corruption increases. Viruses can damaged your file and make it inaccessible. Sometimes it may results in loss of file from your PC.
  • AVI File does not play at all due to a CODEC issue. In this case you will require a CODEC to decode the video and audio data within an AVI file. Sound plays but no picture or video plays but no sound. This also happens due to codec issues.

Therefore, whatever may the reason behind the damage or corruption of the AVI file, you can simply bring back your lost AVI file from your computer by using this video repair tool. By using this you will definitely come to know how repair AVI video files which got corrupted due to several known and unknown issues.

Advanced features of Video Repair Software

The video repair tool is an exclusive tool to repair AVI video file on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. It will repairs and adjoins audio and video data stream side by side. It rigorously scans your PC by applying its commanding in built algorithm in order to repair AVI multimedia files. This tool has a user-friendly interface and it can be used by any non-technical person with ease. You can observe your restored AVI files by using preview option. In order to check out all the features of the recovery tool, you can download the free trial version. Once you are satisfied with recovery result then you buy licensed key version.

How to Fix Unplayable Videos

“I have an AVI video that is corrupt and not playing. Every time I access the video I get an AVI file error saying me ‘AVI file not supported’. I have no idea what caused my AVI file to get corrupt and I’m now desperate to get this video back to normal. Is there anything that will repair AVI video file error and make my AVI video play again?”

Yes, it’s certainly possible to repair corrupt AVI videos on your system and make them play once again. For this, you need an AVI repair software that will fix errors in AVI video in a safe manner without damaging it. Here’s a video which shows you how you can fix corrupt AVI video by making use of an AVI video repair software.

The above used AVI repair application is a certified application that makes use of a safe technique to search, scan and fix the corrupt areas in your AVI video. It doesn’t matter if your AVI video is playing too fast or your AVI video plays without sound. All you require is a good AVI repair tool to fix such issues arising in your video.

AVI videos are no doubt the most widely used video file as of today. One can find that video hosting sites prefer AVI videos to others because of the rich video quality that it offers. Most of the video recording devices such as cameras, handycams, mobile phones and the likes have the option to save the recorded videos with a AVI file extension. AVI videos however do get corrupt due to various reasons while they’re saved on a drive. Once corrupt, they stop to play or play for a while and then terminate itself.

The first and foremost thing to do when you realize that your AVI video is corrupt is to get the best AVI repair software on your system and then repair your corrupt AVI file at the earliest.

Causes for AVI file corruption:

  • Viruses in the drive can gain access to your AVI file and cause it to get corrupt. Such virus infected AVI files never play on any media player and needs to be repaired.
  • You can also damage your AVI videos by playing it on unsupported media players which don’t support the AVI file codec. This can inflict issues on your AVI video as well.
  • Attempting to change the AVI video extension by employing an unorthodox method or a third party software can also leave your AVI video severely corrupt.

Features of this AVI Repair Software:

  • Requires only four mouse clicks to repair your corrupt, broken as well as unplayable AVI videos.
  • Supports to repair AVI videos of all size and versions.
  • Additionally, this software can also repair XVID videos.
  • The repaired AVI video is free from all errors and can be played on any media player.