SanDisk Ultra 32GB Class 10 MicroSD card data recovery

“Distraught! I have lost all the files and important documents saved on my SanDisk Ultra 32GB Class 10 Memory card and I cannot access any one of them. Can anybody tell me how to recover data from SanDisk ultra 32 GB class 10 micro SD cards? Is there a way in which I can recover deleted data from SanDisk ultra 32 GB class 10 micro SD card without hampering the files?”

Don’t worry; there is an impeccable solution to your woes. The Recover (Windows) is the free software with its easy to use interface allows recovery of all popular types of hard drives, external or internal, USB devices, memory cards etc with its deep scanning mechanism reaching out for the corrupted files on the drive and thus recovers them. It is compatible to multiple operating systems being Windows and Mac including their latest versions. It can effortlessly recover lost data when deleted using “SHFT+DEL” and bypass the recycle bin.


How to know the data is corrupted?

  • Unintentional formatting of the SanDisk memory card can result in deletion of all the components of the memory card. Mistakenly deleting the important one rather than the insignificant one.
  • Virus and malware pose a constant threat to the memory cards which can be corrupt on infliction of virus. Downloading from malicious websites can also inflict virus which may result in deleted files or unexpected behavior.
  • Ejecting the device prior to the completion of the transfer process can cause inaccessible files. Improper ejection of the memory card without following the system procedure causes data to get corrupted.
  • Clicking images while the battery is low and the device shuts down result in lost files. Power Surges also adds to the woes as the minimum power required for the processing of the SD card depends upon its class.
  • Frequent upgrading of the file systems can incur data loss as the lifespan and the processing speed decreases. Due to limited read/write cycles (10,000 cycles), it gets corrupted after the completion of the lifespan.
  • Due to the absence of Write-protection switch, the card becomes vulnerable to unauthorized users who can manipulate or delete important information.

 Why Recover Windows?

The Recover Windows is a complete recovery tool which identifies more than 300 file types including the popular formats of audio, video, images, Office documents etc. The recover Windows can recover deleted from different files systems such as FAT32, FAT16, ExFAT, NTFS5, NTFS and even from RAID partitions being RAID0, RAID2 and RAID 5.

The software is able to recover data from SanDisk ultra 32 GB class 10 micro SD card and even from all the famous manufacturers of memory cards and USB very effortlessly. The software recovers data by creating the RAW image so that the file can be recovered later on from the disk image using the Disk image file rather than the original file, thus ensuring integrity.

The Recover Windows retrieves data from all popular types of hard drives like SATA/SCSI/IDE etc and even from memory card types of SD, memory stick, MMC, XD, etc.

The “Save recovery session” allows the user to save the progress of the recovery process at that instant, so that the user can continue from thereon. The “Open Recovery Session” enables the user to open the saved recovery session in order to curb the repeated scanning of the entire drive in search of corrupted files which is both tiresome and time-taking.

The First try then Buy allows the user to firstly download the free version of the software, on being satisfied the user can save the recovered files by upgrading to the Pro version of the same.



Download Free Software to Recover SD Card Data

sd_card_recovery“….I had a collection of photo of my daughter’s birthday celebration on SD card. While transferring those images to the system, due to the sudden power loss the transfer process stopped. When I turned on my system later, I found that many photos were missing and I couldn’t find those images even on SD card. I lost some precious pictures: How to recover SD card photos? Can anyone help me out…?”

“….Virus attack on SD card has corrupted the file system and I’m not able to read or write any data on SD card, whenever I try to access-my Windows system is popping up an alert message to Format the SD card. I’m worried!!! If I format the SD card entire data on the card will be erased permanently. Give me a suggestion to recover SD card data.” I’m running Windows10 Operating system.

Data loss or Data deletion from SD card is the common problem faced by most of the users usually in the recent days. The data might loss due to many reasons. Let us know: What are the reasons that cause the data deletion from SD card? How to recover the SD card data without any complications in a few simple steps?

Reasons behind the data deletion or data loss from SD Card:

  • Knowingly or unintentionally deleting the data from SD Card may result in enormous amount of data loss.
  • Formatting the SD Card will leads to permanent deletion of data.
  • Viruses/Malware attack on SD Card will corrupt the file system and cause the SD card to inaccess.
  • Connecting the SD card to the infected system will result in accessing the SD card to read or write.
  • While transferring the data from SD card to the system or vice-versa, any interruption like sudden shutdown, power loss, etc may lead to data loss scenario.
  • Improper handlings of SD Card, Abrupt ejection, improper cut-paste method are the other factors which results in the data deletion /loss on SD card.

Any above scenario might result in the Loss of data on SD card. In such situation do not lose hope of getting back the data. Yes!!! You can roll back the data after permanent deletion or loss from SD card by using an external recovery toolkit called SD Card Data Recovery Tool. This software is designed with special scanning algorithm to recover SD card data in a few simple mouse clicks without any hassle.

This software is user friendly and compatible which works on various windows version as well as on different Mac Operating system. The deleted photos, videos, music or any other media files on the SD card can be easily recovered. The various file formats such as PDF, PPT, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, DOC, TXT, RAW etc. can be retrieved without any level of difficulty. This application also supports to recover the deleted data from the pen drives, flash drives, external hard drives, iPods, memory card, XD card with an ease.

How to Recover Photos from Nikon D90

“I’ve been using my Nikon D90 for quite a long time now. I however experienced something strange last night with my said camera though. I had close to 300 pics saved on it and I decided to have a look at it so I grab my camera and start to play the images. That’s when I noticed that all the pics have been deleted from it. I regret the fact that I never created a backup for the same and now how am I supposed to get it back? Is it really possible to get missing images back from a camera?”

Deleted or missing photos from a Nikon D90 can be effortlessly retrieved by making use of a recovery app like the one shown here. It can scan and get all your images back in just a matter of few minutes regardless of the SD card storage size or perhaps its brand.

Nikon D90 sure is one of the most advanced DSLR one can get if he’s into some serious photography. It offers some stunning images and sharp images, thanks to its improved sensor. This camera body is the best suited for all types of photography platforms such as wildlife, sports, distance photography or even when it comes to portraits. The Nikon D90 never fails to deliver when it comes to still photography but however, data loss is something that is quite common on almost all cameras at present. This might occur at any instant of time causing valuable or memorable moments that were captured by you to go missing. This might be double the burden when the lost data had no backup created in advance. Nevertheless, you can always get back your lost photos from Nikon D90 if you’re making use of a recovery software such as the one shown above.

Causes for data loss from Nikon D90:

  1. Viruses in the SD card of the camera can cause your images to get corrupt and lost.
  2. Accidental format of SD card by making use of the inbuilt camera function.
  3. Accidental deletion of images while transferring the same to a PC or vice versa.

What makes this software the most recommended for Nikon D90?

  • It features one of the best in-built recovery algorithm that has the ability to recover all image formats including RAW images.
  • Comes with a simple user interface that requires minimum navigation and is easy to use.
  • Saves your recovered photos to a safe location.
  • Lets you to preview the recovered images before restoring them back on your PC.

Best Way for Formatted SD Card File Recovery

Are you choosing SD Card because some of its advantages like portability, plug and play, small in size? Then it`s good choice, also it allows and supports you to store different type of data simultaneously. By knowing the name SD, Secure Digital Card one cannot rely with 100% for the safety of the data. In many circumstances SD Card will become unable to open and you will lose the data within it.

As the advice of experts, the best and simple way out for this situation is keep backup of it. When you encounter the data loss then just recover from backup copy. But sometimes in hurry you forgot to take the backup and you lost the data. What’s the way out for you then!!! Very simple, without any hesitation use the Restore SD Card software and recover your data.

There are many different situations where one would lose the data from SD Card. Let`s have a precise look on few scenarios-


  • Formatting SD Card- supposes you have connected SD Card to the system. You intended to format one of the system drives but by mistake you chose SD Card and perform format action that’s it, and you will lose all the data for sure.
  • Accidental deletion- some actions like SHIFT+DEL keys, bypass recycle bin, delete from command prompt etc. will lead to data loss from SD Card.

Still numerous situations such as file system corruptions, OS crash, interruption in process, virus impact etc. are also take you to the data loss. But utilization of recovery tool you can recover all the data. Next we will see some advanced features of this tool-


  • It identifies almost popular file types including audio file, video type, Word documents, PDF format etc. and recovers it.
  • Files deleted by Windows command prompt; those also will be recovered easily.
  • Along with the SD card it can recover the data from XD, MMC, memory sticks, external drives like USB drives, FireWire drive, iPods etc.
  • Deletion by SHIFT+DEL key combinations or bypassing the Windows recycle bin because of excess in size will also be recovered.
  • It also recovers data from hard disk drives like SATA, SCSI as well as IDE etc.
  • Data will be recovered from the Partitions like FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5, ExFAT etc.
  • It has an ability to recover files which has the property of ADS (Alternate Data Stream) from formatted drive like NTFS.
  • Compressed files from NTFS drives also will be recovered.
  • With ease data from partition like RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5 also can be recovered.
  • User are given with Find choice which help to find files according to file extension, date of creation, file size, file name, file extension etc.