Download Free Software to Recover SD Card Data

sd_card_recovery“….I had a collection of photo of my daughter’s birthday celebration on SD card. While transferring those images to the system, due to the sudden power loss the transfer process stopped. When I turned on my system later, I found that many photos were missing and I couldn’t find those images even on SD card. I lost some precious pictures: How to recover SD card photos? Can anyone help me out…?”

“….Virus attack on SD card has corrupted the file system and I’m not able to read or write any data on SD card, whenever I try to access-my Windows system is popping up an alert message to Format the SD card. I’m worried!!! If I format the SD card entire data on the card will be erased permanently. Give me a suggestion to recover SD card data.” I’m running Windows10 Operating system.

Data loss or Data deletion from SD card is the common problem faced by most of the users usually in the recent days. The data might loss due to many reasons. Let us know: What are the reasons that cause the data deletion from SD card? How to recover the SD card data without any complications in a few simple steps?

Reasons behind the data deletion or data loss from SD Card:

  • Knowingly or unintentionally deleting the data from SD Card may result in enormous amount of data loss.
  • Formatting the SD Card will leads to permanent deletion of data.
  • Viruses/Malware attack on SD Card will corrupt the file system and cause the SD card to inaccess.
  • Connecting the SD card to the infected system will result in accessing the SD card to read or write.
  • While transferring the data from SD card to the system or vice-versa, any interruption like sudden shutdown, power loss, etc may lead to data loss scenario.
  • Improper handlings of SD Card, Abrupt ejection, improper cut-paste method are the other factors which results in the data deletion /loss on SD card.

Any above scenario might result in the Loss of data on SD card. In such situation do not lose hope of getting back the data. Yes!!! You can roll back the data after permanent deletion or loss from SD card by using an external recovery toolkit called SD Card Data Recovery Tool. This software is designed with special scanning algorithm to recover SD card data in a few simple mouse clicks without any hassle.

This software is user friendly and compatible which works on various windows version as well as on different Mac Operating system. The deleted photos, videos, music or any other media files on the SD card can be easily recovered. The various file formats such as PDF, PPT, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, DOC, TXT, RAW etc. can be retrieved without any level of difficulty. This application also supports to recover the deleted data from the pen drives, flash drives, external hard drives, iPods, memory card, XD card with an ease.