How to Find Deleted Partitions on Windows 7?

Hard disk drive storage is separated in different size of logical blocks known as partition. These are logical blocks created with different size, RAID levels, and file system like NTFS, NTFS 5, FAT 16, FAT32, etc at the time of installing a new copy of operating system on PC or Laptops. Different partitions are boot partition and system partition. Boot partitions are created to store vital information about all devices connected to PC or laptop which are initial at the booting process, this partition is hidden for users and has size of 100 MB. System partitions are created to install operating system, which contains all related files and folders. System partition is further divide in to primary partition and extended partition for organizing data on to it. These partitions reserves some amount of storage know as MBR (master boot record) at time of partition creation, which maintains each and every record of files stored in that partition.

Due to improper handling of system these partitions may get deleted, lost, and corrupted, resulting in deletion or loss of your vital data from these partition. Reasons leading you to these situations are accidental deletion, sudden shut down, corruption of partition tables, due to errors while partitioning, operating system crash, etc.

Some of the common state of affairs leading to deletion of partition on Windows OS

  • You may delete, merge or resizing the partition unintentionally while using Windows disk management tool or any other third party tool will lead to unallocation of partitions.
  • Due to sudden shut down of computer system may result in deletion of file from MBR which may lead you to partition deletion or loss.
  • Due to virus invasion into the system may corrupt the partition table of partitions in OS which in turn result in deletion or hiding of partition.
  • Some error may occur at the time of merging or making new partition in operating system using disk management utility which results in deleted partition.
  • Crashing of operating system due to unsuccessful update may result in partition deletion or loss.

Before using this application we prefer you to take some precautionary measure for safe recovery of data from these deleted or loss partition. Such as, do not install this application on the same drive you want to retrieve data from.

If you’re facing troubles in your operating system and are in need of a best tool to find partition on windows 7, then no need to worry. You’re not the one facing type of problem. Reviving all scenarios of stated above industry experts have designed an inimitable tool to find and get back data from deleted partitions on Windows 7.


Most outstanding features of this tool are; highly skilled developers have designed this application with unique technique to scan whole hard disk drive to find out every single deleted, missing or unallocated partitions and recovers data from these partitions. It has ability to scan over 300 different types of files like photos, documents, emails, movies, songs, etc. it recovers data from partition with different RAID levels and file system mentioned earlier. It has the potential to recover data from partition external hard disk drive. It supports all latest version of Windows operating system with least system configuration. You can preview your data recovered from these partitions, to save them you need to activate it to full version.