How to Repair PowerPoint file 460066 errors

How to Repair PowerPoint file 460066 errors

Microsoft power point is one of the best presentation toolkit which is used for creating and delivering the presentation. PowerPoint presentations consist of individual pages or “slides”.  Slides may contain text, graphics, images, sound, movies, and other objects, which can be arranged freely. PowerPoint provides features that offer flexibility and the ability to create a professional presentation. So a lot of people uses power point, As the number of  people using power point are increasing there is also increase in issues regarding power point. Issues like File corruption occurs in power point without giving any warnings. Corrupting the files may lead to several hardships for the business people who depend on daily presentation.

One of the common errors faced while using power point is 460066. Lets take an example suppose you created a power point consisting of 50 slides. After getting some information you modify the slides. Situation like one day when you tried to open the power point it will show 460066 errors. This error is mainly due to corruption of the power point or any damage to power point. Viruses or malware attack on power point also leads to 460066 errors. So, how to fix Microsoft power point 460066 errors

Causes of Microsoft power point 460066 error     power point

  • Deleting files regarding power point installing tools
  • Virus or malwares attack on the system
  • windows OS is not genuine
  • corrupted software or incomplete installation
  • windows registry corruption while installing or uninstalling a new software
  • modifying or changing the extension of the file

There are many software present in online which can helps us to fix the problem in power point. Fix ppt is powerful tool for recovering and fixing the micro soft power point


Features of fix ppt tool

  • Fix ppt tool can repair ppt file and recover text, sound effects, images and hyperlinks.
  • It can read all power point files which are corrupted or damaged.
  • Its support both ppt and pptx files from any version of power point.
  • Fix power point works for every version of windows
  • Fix ppt has strong build in algorithms severely corrupt or damaged files. Fix ppt recovers all types of ppt files


How to use fix ppt tool

  • Download the software from the website by clicking download option
  • Install the software on your which file location you want to allocate
  • Run the app and click Browse to search ppt files from your system
  • Select the ppt file you want to repair and click on repair
  • There is a preview option at the end of scanning to show every recovered file.
  • If the result is satisfactory you can save or you can continue the scan