Know How to Recover Partitions Effectively

Hard drive is the most basic storage device of any computer, hard drive can be divided in to multiple partitions and the main reason behind the hard drive partition is that by doing so it can be possible to save the hard drive clusters. The clusters are nothing but some kind of storage space, and if you have not divided your hard disk in to multiple partitions then single file may also occupy the entire cluster of the hard drive which results in loss of hard drive store space.

Other than utilization of cluster space the partitioning of drive can be very useful, like by doing partition it can be possible to install more then one operating system on a single machine in different partition. Other advantage is that by doing partition the data segregation is quite easy and you can easily find your stored data within less time period. However, some times you may lose data due to partition deletion or partition loss in such case don’t panic because today much partition recovery software are available in the market. Among those one of the most effective tools is Partition Recovery Tool. This tool can help you out to recover partitions easily and effectively without any kind of burden.

Some common reasons behind partition loss or deletion

Third Part Applications: Most of the time partitions may get deleted due to some untrusted third party tools. If you undergo any alteration operation on partitions then their may be chance of partition corruption or damage which results in data loss.

Improper System Shutdown: Partitions may be corrupted due to sudden system shutdown, and during that time the data present on the system can’t be accessible which results in huge amount of data loss.

Accidental Formatting:  Users may go for formatting the system and during that time if the user has performed formatting operations on some other drive then you may lose huge amount of data from particular partition.

Master Boot Recorder Problem:  MBR mainly handles the booting device problem and if MBR corrupted is then there may be chance of data loss from the partition.

Partition Recovery Tool Features

  • This tool can be a best solution for missing partition, inaccessible, or even deleted partitions also.
  • This tool effectively operates on both 32 and 64 bit Windows operating system.
  • By making use of this tool it can be possible to recover lost data from multi booting environment.
  • It is possible by Partition Recovery Tool to recover formatted data from file system such as FAT and NTFS.
  • By making use of “Preview” option it is possible to examine the recovered data before going to restore it on the system hard drive.
  • This utility will allows you to recover different kind of files such as audio, video, document etc.
  • It can also be possible to restore the deleted data on the Mac based system.

Tips to avoid partition loss scenarios

  • Avoid third party tool to repartition the hard drive.
  • Always it’s better to maintain the backup of storage space.
  • Use UPS for system which may protect abrupt system shutdown.