Know How to Use MS Outlook and as the Same Time

Outlook is an email app of the Microsoft office suite. There are other mail clients within the Microsoft outlook like outlook for windows phone, OWA for Android, OWA for iPad, outlook calendar and mails for different versions of Microsoft office like 2003,2007,2010,2013. You can use outlook to send and receive email from as well as you can use its different features like calendar, tasks, journals, contacts, etc. Outlook has some features which are mentioned below:
• If you are not connected to internet and before that if you have received any mail then you can open that mail without the help of internet. is a free web based mail account from Microsoft which used to be Hotmail,, account depends upon the versions of Outlook that you are using. Some steps to add your account to your outlook 2013.
• Select on file button and add an account.
• Enter your name, email address and password.
• After clicking on next you have to download Outlook connector.
• After downloading the outlook connector, you have to follow the instructions which are showing on your system screen.
• After the connector is installed, add a new account and click on cancel button.
• Then click on exit button and restart your outlook.
• After the account is successfully added and if you want to add more accounts then click on add more accounts and proceed the further process what you have done earlier.
Apart from this if you want to change your password then update the information in Outlook and update your account password. By synchronizing the calendars in, you can take the advantages of time management features of it such as viewing multiple calendars at same time. With Outlook 2010 and Outlook connector you can also use the following features:
• View tasks and flagged messages under your appointments on the days from when they are due
• Arrange your appointments with different custom color.
• Overlay multiple calendars.