Learn How to Import Contacts in Outlook 2013 from Vcard

Outlook is an import function which is limited to 1 vcf-file at a single time and you are not able to select a folder to import. It is true for importing multiple contacts in a single vCard. Outlook application will only import the first available contact in that file.

If you only have numbers of vcf-file to import, then you can double click them to open with Outlook and then tap Save & Close to save them in Outlook. This is of course a bit difficult when you have lots of contacts to import in Outlook 2013.

In order to quickly contacts in Outlook 2013, you have to follow below mentioned steps:

  • Export to CVC-file
  • First Import to Windows Contacts
  • Use vCard add-in

Steps to Import Contacts in Outlook 2013 from Vcard

  • First of all open Outlook application and press on File Tab when you have your CSV file.
  • Tap on Open & Export in the list of options which is on the left side of the screen. This option is available on the Account Information screen.
  • Press Import/Export on the Open screen which is displaying on monitor.
  • You enter into Import and Export Wizard, after that select Import from another file. You can choose an action to perform list. Then click next.
  • There is an option called Import a File dialog box, here you have to select Comma Separated Values. The Comma Separated value is selected from Select file type to import from list and then click next.
  • Tap Browse on the next screen.
  • You can navigate to the folder containing the CSV file where you want to import from Browse dialog box. Then select the file and click OK.
  • In case of duplicate entries are encountered, you can select an option to indicate what you have to perform. Then click next.
  • Tap select Contacts from the selected destination folder to specify the location of imported contacts. After that click next button.
  • Summary screen appears on your monitor which informs you about the actions performed. You can also use the Destination button to change the previous location in Outlook where the contacts will be saved.