The Hassle Free Software to Recover FAT USB Drive

USB is often a portable drive that is utilized to transfer data from computer to an alternative. It can be convenient to carry and employed to store data at various place including Word files, project details, PPTX, etc. However, in USB drive you’ll have two types of file system FAT16 and FAT32, to handle store data within it. In FAT USB drive loss of data has increase because of improper termination, unintentional deletion, etc. Losing data from USB drive is normal in all users all over the world.

Suppose you’re using FAT USB drive to keep vital data. Have you saved crucial files in USB drive? What you will really do in case you have accidentally lost or deleted data from USB drive? If yes, then this might be very painful situation. Don’t be panicked, whatever may be the situations by utilizing ExFAT recovery tool, it is possible to retrieve FAT USB drive. Here is some information about loss of data scenarios

  • Suppose you might be copying files from PC to USB drive or the other way around, if you face any interruption like abrupt removal, power failure, etc. which stops transfer operations then this may results in loss of data from flash drive.
  • In some instance you erase files from external USB drive and believe that it will be saved in Recycle bin. But, you might have forgotten that when you delete any files from external drive then this will not be saving in Recycle bin. It will bypass Recycle bin and you lose it entirely.
  • In some case user made mistakes and format flash drive rather than the computer HDD and it results in large amount of information loss scenarios.
  • When user convert from one of file system to a different file system, while conversion in the event you come across the specific situation that system restart then this may result to loss in large quantity of stored data.

Why to make use of this prominent software?

  • This utility is made with unique algorithm under experienced tool developer in the market, which helps to learn the content and duplicate on to the new healthy files with no modification or alteration.
  • The support team can be obtained 24 / 7 to fix user asked queries.
  • Before assigning this application into packages, this can be scanned with updated antivirus to get rid of harmful program if any is there.


  • Apart from flash drive, it has capability to retrieve lost or deleted data coming from a variety of storage media as an example external hard drive (SATA, SCSI, ATA, IDE), storage card (SDHC, SD card, SDXC), thumb drive, etc. on a variety of Windows and Mac OS.
  • This advance utility will direct you how to restore missing partition in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and many more.
  • It has capability to recover picture files (KDC, GIF, JPEG, SR2), audios (AVI, MP3, WAV), videos (MP4, MPEG, 3GP) and much more.
  • Anyone can use this software as it doesn’t need any technical knowledge to complete recovery task.