Top Quality Utility to Recover Windows 8 Partition

While trying to re-install my Operating system, I lost my Windows 8 partition. That partition is very important to me because I have stored my personal files, business reports, etc. on it. The space left by that partition is un-allocated at the moment. Is there any chance to recover my Windows 8 partition? If so, then can anyone suggest me how to recover Windows 8 lost partition?

After losing precious data from Windows 8 partition you may get fret. If you do not have legitimate backup then it is the serious issue for you. In such case, you may begin to search for genuine software in the market place to perform recovery of Windows 8 partition data. When you do not get such tool then do not worry as you are at the right location. There is an outstanding freely available utility developed by team of experts to perform recovery of Windows 8 partition. Hence, as per their suggestion you need to utilize free partition recovery program to store 10 MB or 100 MB of data in a day and rest of them on another day without wasting your valuable time.

Few reasons lead to loss or deletion of partition data on Windows 8 computer:

  • Due to deleting the partition: While partitioning the hard drive, if you are in rush then there is a chance that you may unknowingly delete the partition resulting in loss of files.
  • Re-installation of Operating System: In some cases, you may re-install the Operating System. But, while doing so, you may get some error messages result in partition data loss.

This tool comes with handy in all above said scenarios. It also works fine, when you lose data due to some circumstances like partitioning errors, resizing the partition, deleting the partition, etc. This utility is specially designed to execute recovery of Windows 8 partition without altering original files. So, it is called non-destructive tool. It also does recovery of files from hard drives, USB drives, memory cards and iPods. It is the completely free, user-friendly software to carryout recovery of Windows 8 partition in sequential manner on different manufacturing brands of hard disk like Buffalo, Toshiba, Samsung, etc.

You can utilize “Show Deleted” feature to sort only deleted files from the list of recoverable files and restore them. This eminent utility not only supports Windows 8 OS, it also capable to support Windows XP, Vista, 2003 and 7. This software has built-in scanning technologies to do deep scanning of hard drive partition to identify lost data and recover them. It has easy upgraded feature obtainable to retrieve data more than 1 GB. Once the partition data recovery process is over, you are allowed to store files based on file name, file size and date of file creation. In case of bad sectors on hard drive, it offers “Create Image” option to create a copy of the disk to skip bad sectors and get back files from the rest.