Way to restore lost partition data

Microsoft Window is installed with single file system in a partition. There can be different file systems in the same hard disk  on  the different partitions. The different file systems are like FAT and NTFS. File allocation table and the another one is NTFS that is new technology file system. Using any of the file system either NTFS or FAT user can create as many partitions as he wants (up to 255). Generally data is saved in the partition of hard disk. The data consists of files and folders which contain videos, images, pictures, documents, emails and spreadsheets etc. Files are saved either in MS Windows with NTFS or FAT partitions of hard disk or internal hard disk and also in other storage devices. These file systems need some care to work properly and if they are not cared then partitions could be damaged. Possibly this occurs due to improper use of hard disk.

  • Accidentally selecting the wrong file system and the wrong partition to format the hard disk.
  • Forcefully reformatting the partition.
  • Virus attack in the system corrupts the header section of the hard disk which may corrupt the full disk.
  • Connecting the internal hard disk to other system with the means and this could corrupt the hard disk partitions.
  • Not only virus attacks but there are certain reasons for header corruption.

Partitions could be corrupted and there may be one or more reasons which you might not have thought off behind the corruption. Reformatting or formatting is not only the reason which can delete the files completely but several other reasons exist behind the corruption of file system and partitions as well.

Let us see what all are they. Improper system shutdown could be the primary reason for corruption of partitions. Other reason like reformatting, virus attack, and power surge are the most effective ways for corruption of partitions (user’s conducts). If there is corruption in system files then also there could be partitions deletions/corruption.

To ascertain what happens after corruption, you have to read the passage. In your system you have few partitions, like “C” is used to store system files. Sometimes while clicking the partitions you may face an error that is your drive is not formatted, do you want to format it? In this case the partition is present  there but the partition is inaccessible. Which means the data inside the corrupted partition is at risk.

After you format the partition all the data is deleted and your partition becomes empty. Sometimes your partition gets corrupted and neither it let you to access the data and nor to format it. So what you will do first to restore corrupted partitions? Microsoft Window is best in the services they provide. One of the features is inbuilt backup archive creator tool. This tool creates backups of all files and folders of a Windows partition. This backup holds the data in a single file that is named as BKK files. The BFK file is used to restore all the data and folders from at the time when user needed it. But this file doesn’t work all the time as creation of files might be of back date. Hence you have to use the recovery software which can restore corrupted partition’s data.

Try out this software and later you will be featured with the recovery options. The software is that powerful to recover all types of files from corrupted partitions, which are from IDE, EIDE, SATA, PATA and SCSI. You can try the software demo version and can know how powerful it is to recover corrupted partitions.